Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack!

monsters-attack-splash-art.pngWith the mystical Uncharted Realms now fully explored, we're taking things to a more urban (but no less intense!) setting with Monsters Attack!

In Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack!, Spatulopolis is under attack! By…well…MONSTERS! When threats greater than any the Star Guardians are used to facing suddenly loom over the vibrant metropolis, several bands of heroes rise to the occasion! Assemble your underground crew for a thrilling heist, solve the equation of destruction with A.D.M.I.N.istrative precision, or find yourself caught in the fray as an everyday civilian in TFT's latest set!

A new set means new mechanics (and a few old ones!), traits, Little Legends, and more, so read on for all the juicy details. The battle for Spatulopolis runs December 7th, 2022 at 11:00AM PST to March 21st, 2023 at 11:59PM local time.*

*Dates and times are subject to change. Always check the in-game schedule for the most accurate information.

Monsters Attack! Passes

As always, the best way to experience TFT's latest set is by leveling up your pass and earning rewards! Everyone gets the free Monsters Attack! Pass automatically on day one of the new set, and you can upgrade to the premium Monsters Attack! Pass+ for even more cool stuff whenever you want.


Take a look at the Pass+ Content section below to see some of the things you can unlock with the premium pass, or gather intel for your super squad with our Monsters Attack! Pass FAQ to learn how the passes work.

What's new with Monsters Attack!?

Oh man, SO MUCH! But outside of the usual new batch of champs, traits, and origins, there are few Monsters Attack!-specific additions that we're excited to share with you, like…

Hero Augments

Here's the good news first: Augments are here to stay! After their success in both Gizmos & Gadgets and Dragonlands, augments will be a staple going forward. Hooray!

Now for the GREAT news: Monsters Attack! comes with incredible new Hero Augments!

Hero Augments are special augments that affect a specific unit on your board. Some of them work by buffing up that single unit to truly heroic levels with new or augmented (heh) abilities, while others help them inspire their fellow teammates. They'll be offered to all players at the same time, and feature units that all cost the same amount. What's more, they'll be semi-tailored to your board, so hopefully you'll get just the right piece to finish the puzzle that is your current comp.

For more details and a few examples, check out our Monsters Attack! Overview!

Item Anvils and PVE Encounters

Since the Treasure Dragon has gone home to roost, we wanted to give you another way to perfectly complement your comp with just the right item, and that means Item Anvils!

Starting with Stage 4-7, your PVE Encounter will drop an Item Anvil instead of the usual random array of items/Gold, allowing you to grab a component item of your choosing. Stage 5-7 and 6-7 will let you pick from Completed Items instead, giving you the late-game boost needed to come out on top.

But with greater rewards comes a great challenge! The borderline harmless mobs you used to face on these stages have been replaced with colossal Threats, so make sure your team is ready for a fight!

Origins and Classes


Heroes and villains of Spatulopolis leaping into the fray with brand new origins and a fresh mix of classes! 

There's a city worth of new content to reveal, but we only have time for a brief look on this page, so check out our Monsters Attack! Gameplay Overview for more details on which champs fit which roles.


Origin Bonuses

A.D.M.I.N. configuration varies for each player each game.

(2) Configure the cause and the effect for your A.D.M.I.N. program
(4) Configure an additional effect for your A.D.M.I.N. program
(6) Outputs of the above tiers are increased by 160%

Anima Squad

When an Anima Squad champion kills another champion, they pause to celebrate and your team builds fame.

Anima Squad champions gain Attack Damage and Ability Power, plus 4 additional maximum Health according to their shared fame.

(3) 20% Attack Damage and 20 Ability Power
(5) 40% Attack Damage and 40 Ability Power
(7) 99% Attack Damage and 99 Ability Power

Arsenal Arsenal units pick the weapons they equip when placed on the board, changing their spell's effects.

If there is a Civilian alive, all allies are inspired to fight harder to protect them, gaining mana every 2 seconds

(1) +2 mana
(2) +5 mana
(3) +10 mana


Fiddlesticks starts combat dormant. When ally champions die during this time, Fiddlesticks absorbs their soul granting him 15 Ability Power.

After falling below 40% Health or when all allies have died, Fiddlesticks comes alive.


Every round, Gadgeteens generate a random modified weapon that can be equipped by any unit. These weapons are powerful, but not durable, and fall apart after 2 rounds of use.

Gadgeteens will not make new items to replace items left on the bench.

(3) Create 1 item every round
(5) Create 2 item every round


All LaserCorps agents are assigned a combat drone. When attacking or being hit by an attack, the drone has a 50% chance to deal magic damage to the agent's target (0.5 second cooldown).

When a LaserCorps agent dies, their drone is re-assigned to the nearest living LaserCorps agent.

(3) Drone lasers deal 50 magic damage
(6) Drone lasers deal 130 magic damage
(9) Drone lasers deal 210 magic damage. Each LaserCorps agent gets another drone

Mecha: PRIME

Use the PRIME selector to designate a PRIME.

At the start of combat, the PRIME combines with the two closest other Mecha units, taking a portion of their base Health and Attack Damage.

(3) 75% Health, 75% Attack Damage
(5) 100% Health, 100% Attack Damage

Ox Force

Ox Force units gain Attack Speed that increases with their missing percent health.

Ox Force units will fight to their dying breath to defend their city, becoming invulnerable for 1.5 seconds the first time they would die in combat.

(2) 5% - 15% Attack Speed
(4) 30% - 60% Attack Speed
(6) 60% - 120% Attack Speed

Star Guardian

When Star Guardians gain mana, they gain more.

(3) 35% additional mana
(5) 60% additional mana
(7) 100% additional mana
(9) 150% additional mana

Supers Supers strike a pose at the start of combat, granting allies 30% bonus damage. For every three-star unit on your team, the bonus damage % is increased by 5%.
Threat Threats are more powerful than other units. You may field any number of Threats, but they do not gain bonuses for being fielded with other Threats.

The Underground periodically checks in with the loot from their current heist.

You may choose to cut and run and take the current loot, or continue the heist to get even better rewards. After completing a heist, a new one begins. It takes 9 total progress for a heist to complete.

(3) The Underground makes 1 progress after each Player Combat Round. After a loss, they make 3 progress.
(5) The Underground makes 2 progress after each Player Combat Round. After a loss, they make 5 progress.


Class Bonuses

This trait is only active when you have exactly 1 or 4 unique Aces.

(1) Execute enemies under 15% health
(4) Execute enemies under 30% health


All allies gain bonus Magic Resist. Aegis units gain more.

(2) +25 Magic Resist, +50 for Aegis Units
(3) +40 Magic Resist, +80 for Aegis Units
(4) +60 Magic Resist, +120 for Aegis Units
(5) +85 Magic Resist, +170 for Aegis Units

Arsenal Arsenal units pick the weapons they equip when placed on the board, changing their spell's effects.

Brawlers gain additional maximum Health.

(2) +20% Max Health
(4) +30% Max Health
(6) +50% Max Health
(8) +89% Max Health


Innate: Shortly after the start of combat, Defenders taunt nearby enemies.
All allies gain bonus Armor. Defenders gain more.

(2) +30 Armor, +60 for Defenders
(4) +60 Armor, +120 for Defenders
(6) +100 Armor, +200 for Defenders


Duelists' basic attacks grant them bonus attack speed, up to 10 stacks.

(2) +6% AS per stack
(4) +12% AS per stack
(6) +20% AS per stack
(8) +35% AS per stack

Forecaster Janna grants a different buff to all adjacent allies depending on the current weather, which changes every game.

Hackers gain omnivamp.

Hackers summon a H4ckerr!m that takes the unit in the Rider Hex into the enemy backline. The Rider is untargetable for the first @SecondsUntargetable@ seconds of combat.

(2) 20% Omnivamp


When Heart units cast their spell, all allies gain stacking Ability Power for the rest of combat.

(2) +5 Ability Power
(4) +10 Ability Power
(6) +15 Ability Power


When Mascots die, they retreat to the sidelines to cheer on their team. Allies regenerate a percentage of their maximum health every 3 seconds, increased by 1% for each cheering Mascot. Mascots regenerate double this amount.

(2) Regain 1.5% Health
(4) Regain 2.5% Health
(6) Regain 4.5% Health
(8) Regain 7% Health

Prankster (2) When they would first fall below 50% health, Pranksters spawn a target dummy, move to a safe location, and restore 500 health.
(3) The enemy who kills a target dummy is stunned for 1.5 seconds

Innate: Recon Units gain bonus attack range.
Before casting, if there is a nearby enemy, Recon units will dash to safety. They also gain bonus Critical Strike Chance.

(2) +10% Crit Chance
(3) +35% Crit Chance
(4) +60% Crit Chance. Recon spells can crit.


Renegade units deal bonus damage. The last Renegade standing deals more.

(3) 30%, 10% Bonus Damage
(6) 60%, 20% Bonus Damage


Every 6 seconds, Spellslingers replace their next attack with an orb of magic flung at a random target, dealing 75% of their Ability Power as magic damage.
Spellslingers have increased Ability Power.

(2) +30 AP
(4) +60 AP
(6) +100 AP


Every 5 seconds, Sureshots gain bonus Attack Damage for the rest of combat

(2) +25% Attack Damage
(4) +50% Attack Damage

Threat Threats are more powerful than other units. You may field any number of Threats, but they do not gain bonuses for being fielded with other Threats.

Ranked Info

A new set means a new Ranked climb, with a reset and rewards to boot!

Ranked Reset

The time has finally come for our hard-won ranks to drop down, all so we can hard-win them all over again! Why, you ask? Well, we know that for a lot of you, climbing that ladder is the most exciting part of the game. We want to give everyone a fresh ranked experience with each new set, and a hard reset will allow for just that!

So, what does that mean for your rank from Uncharted Realms…? 


If you climbed all the way to Master or above, you’ll start at Bronze 4. If you hit Diamond I, you’ll start your climb from Iron I. Everyone else is starting at Iron II.

Hyper Roll

So what about Hyper Roll? This one’s easy: Everyone, regardless of placement in the last set, is starting at Gray Tier (500).

Double Up

Much like Hyper Roll, everyone starts out at the same place regardless of where they placed in the last set. For Double Up, everyone starts at Iron II.

Provisional Games

After the set kicks off, everybody who plays ranked will start with five provisional placement games. During those games, you won’t lose any LP for finishing in the bottom 4, and you’ll earn extra LP for placing in the top 4—or top 2 for Double Up.

Ranked Rewards

Wait—how many realms did you chart?

…ALL OF THEM?! Dang! That calls for some ranked rewards, which will be distributed throughout the release patch of Monsters Attack!, patch 12.23.

Now let's take a look at what you'll get!

Standard Ranked

Place Gold or higher in Dragonlands: Uncharted Realms? Get ready to show off those various victories with an emote representing your rank!


Hyper Roll

If you achieved Green, Blue, Purple, or Hyper tier while Hyper Rolling through Uncharted Realms, you'll receive an emote based on your rank—featuring the HYPEREST dragon, Bungo!


Double Up!

Teamwork makes the dream work—especially if that dream is claiming ranked rewards in Double Up! Those of you who reached Gold tier or higher in Double Up can flex their might with this dangerous draconic duo!



If you want to earn XP and unlock those sweet Monsters Attack! Pass rewards, completing missions is your best bet!

Weekly Missions

In Spatulopolis, there's always a mission that needs doing! …Or at least four missions that need doing every week, anyway!

Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13

Mission Objective XP
One-Two Punch Play 2 Games 400
Top Tier Hero Place 1st in a game
Win 3 games (Place in the top half)
Super League HQ Field 9+ units 200
Invincible Get a 5-round win streak 200

Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14

Mission Objective XP
One-Two Punch Play 2 Games 400
Top Tier Hero Place 1st in a game
Win 3 games (Place in the top half)
Super League HQ Field 9+ units 200
Team-Up Moment Field an army with at least 5 active traits 200

Monsters Attack! Missions

These thematic missions can be completed only once. Some of them have two different objectives that must both be completed, but we promise the XP payout at the end is worth the extra effort.

Mission Objective(s) XP
Tacticians, Team Up! Play a match of Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack! This mission must be completed before any others. 400
The Power Of Heart Using Heart, grant an ally 1 AP in a single combat. 400
#SquadGoals Reach 100 fame with Anima Squad in 3 different games. 400
Heroes Never Die Field Ox Force 6 400
Apocalypse Of One With only Fiddlesticks left alive, kill 3 enemies in a single PvP combat. 600
Major Crossover Field an army with at least 8 active traits. 400
The Old Guard With Supers active, field 4+ 3-star units. 1000
Metroplex Defense Initiative Field A.D.M.I.N. 2+ for 30 rounds. Rounds with 4+ count triple. AND Deal 15000 damage with LaserCorp drones. 800
Extinction Event Field a team with 6+ Threats. 600
The A-List Field 5 3-star Hero champions. 400
Threat Level: ALPHA Field a 3-star Threat champion. 600
Mobilize the City Drop 15 buildings with Mordekaiser. AND Grant allies 2500 mana with Civilian. 800
Aces High Field Ace 4. 600
Utility Belt Activate! Build 20 Gadgeteen items. 400
Super Weapon "Acquisition" Use Underground to heist a Radiant item or a Tactician's Crown. 1000
Unlikely Allies Field a Threat champion with an Emblem and the corresponding trait active. 400
Gear Check Defeat a boss in 15 seconds or less. 600
Optimal Prime Field a Mecha Prime with 3 completed items and at least 6000 health. 400

Store Content

Little Legends

The denizens of Spatulopalis are as exceptional as the monsters that attack it, and these two little legends are no exception!

Meet Grizzle! Don't let this mellow marsupial fool you—he's got a pouch full of power!


Next up: Whisker! Aww, what a cute little kitty ca—WHOA. Uh, hey there, bud! Don't mind us, we're just…backing away…slooowwwlllyyy…


Chibi Champions

This set, Lux is lighting up the Convergence with her positive attitude! Oh, and her laser, too.


Chibi Star Guardian Lux


Lux is also arriving with her Star Guardian glow up, including a special finisher: a cinematic boom that plays whenever you personally eliminate another player!

Chibi Star Guardian Lux is a rare drop from Lux's Radiant Chalice (390 RP/TC), and she'll always drop by your 61st Chalice.

Unlocking Tacticians

Random Little Legends may drop from Lux's Radiant Chalices and Everything Goes In Here Bags, but you can also purchase specific variations if you don’t want to leave it to chance. You can grab Chibi Lux directly, but you'll only have a shot at getting Chibi Star Guardian Lux from Lux's Radiant Chalice. It is her Chalice, after all!

Direct Purchase Tacticians

Whisker 1✰ (Rare) 750 RP/TC
Star Guardian Whisker 1✰ (Rare) 750 RP/TC
Super Squad Whisker 1✰ (Rare) 750 RP/TC
Stitched Whisker 1✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Star Nemesis Whisker 1✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Grizzle 1✰ (Rare) 750 RP/TC
Super Squad Grizzle 1✰ (Rare) 750 RP/TC
Groovy Grizzle 1✰ (Rare) 750 RP/TC
Star Guardian Grizzle 1✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Dark Star Grizzle 1✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Baron 1✰ 2,500 RP/TC
Super Squad Baron 1✰ (Legendary) 2,500 RP/TC
Cosmic Scourge Baron 1✰ (Legendary) 2,500 RP/TC
Odyssey Baron 1✰ (Legendary) 2,500 RP/TC
Star Nemesis Baron 1✰ (Legendary) 2,500 RP/TC
Star Guardian Baron 1✰ (Legendary) 2,500 RP/TC


Eggs & Chests

Lux's Radiant Chalice* 390 RP/TC
5 Lux's Radiant Chalices 1,950 RP/TC
10+1 Lux's Radiant Chalices 3,900 RP/TC
Everything Goes In Here Bag* 390 RP/TC
5 Everything Goes In Here Bags 1,950 RP/TC
10+1 Everything Goes In Here Bags 3,900 RP/TC

*Both these items have a chance to grant you a previously released Little Legend or variants of Whisker and Grizzle from Monster Attack!, but you'll only get the mythic Star Guardian Lux chibi from Lux's Radiant Chalice, while the Everything Goes On arena can only be found in the Everything Goes In Here Bag!


Chibi Champions

Chibi Lux + Boom 1,900 RP/TC


Star Shards

130 Star Shards 650 RP/TC
520 Star Shards 2,500 RP/TC
1,040 Star Shards 5,000 RP/TC


Premium Pass and Bundles

Bundle Price
Monsters Attack! Pass+ 1,295 RP/TC
Chalice of the First Star Bundle
  • Monsters Attack! Pass+ 
  • Chibi Lux
  • 27 Lux's Radiant Chalices
  • 4 BONUS Lux's Radiant Chalices
13,245 RP/TC
Everything Goes On Bundle
  • Monsters Attack! Pass+
  • 27 Everything Goes In Here Bags
  • 4 BONUS Everything Goes In Here Bags
11,825 RP/TC
Batch of Barons
  • Baron
  • Super Squad Baron
  • Cosmic Scourge Baron
  • Odyssey Baron
  • Star Nemesis Baron
  • Star Guardian Baron
  • Smiteback Boom
10,000 RP/TC

Monsters Attack! Pass+ Content

Leveling up the premium Monsters Attack! Pass+ will earn you all of the following rewards, as well as the emotes and eggs contained in the free pass. To see everything you’ll unlock and at what levels, check out the Monsters Attack! Pass FAQ.



You'll earn the Gotta Fly, 9000+, and Mecha: PUNCH emotes on your journey through the pass, while #Winning, #Shock&Awe, and #Champions await those who power through the bonus levels at the end.


Little Legends

Super Squad Sprite (1✰) will join the fight from the beginning of the premium pass, with Star Guardian Tocker (1,2, and 3✰) providing support further down the line.



Every Threat has its own signature brand of devastation. In fact, you can probably tell who was brawling just by looking at the Threat Level: Nom, Threat Level: Ok, and Threat Level: Tentacle arenas!


Complete the pass in its entirety, and you'll be ready to administer fluffy justice across the globe with the Poro-Ranger HQ Tier 3 arena!poro-ranger-hq-arena.jpg


Spatulopolis is lousy with monsters. Thankfully, there are just as many ways to defeat them with Monsters Attack!'s booms: Justice Beam, Fast 8th, Love Love Beam, and Rocket Punch!

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