Teamfight Tactics: Lunar Gala


Hop to it, everybody—the Year of the Rabbit Bun Bun is here! Join Teamfight Tactics in celebrating this Lunar New Year with new tacticians, an exclusive arena, and the time-limited Fortune's Favor game mode!


Start - January 12th, 2023 / 11:00 PT
End - February 13th, 2023 / ~10:30 PT*

*Dates and times are subject to change. Always check the in-game schedule for the most accurate information.

Lunar Gala Hub

Chibi Annie's throwing the hottest Lunar New Year party on the block, and everybody's invited—including YOU! That's why during the event, the TFT tab of the client will bring you to her sweet digs to help get things ready. But be careful—not everybody is feeling festive… Take on the following missions to see the explosive (hopefully in a good way) conclusion!

Please note: the Lunar New Year Hub is not available on mobile

Mobile users can still participate in the event, but missions will appear in the dropdown and rewards will be distributed automatically.


As the event progresses, you'll be able to get missions from different tacticians on the Event Page by interacting with them. You'll have to complete all the missions from one phase to progress to the next one, so you better get started!

First Phase

Mission Objective Reward
An Explosive Errand Get Annie's fireworks by claiming an Underground Heist. For You! Emote

Second Phase

Mission Objective Reward
Anyone There? Play 1 game of TFT: Monsters Attack! 20 Star Shards

Third Phase

Mission Objective Reward
Crank It Up Field Hacker for 11 rounds. 20 Star Shards
5-Star Delivery Service Star up Galio and/or Sivir 5 times. 200 XP
Gift Gathering Collect 60 loot orbs. 200 XP
A Mighty Wind Field 2-Star Janna or a unit equipped with Zephyr. 20 Star Shards
A Quiet Moo-ment Field Alistar and Mascot 4+ at the same time. 200 XP
Besting the Beast Have a 4+ win steak for 3 total rounds. 200 XP

Fourth Phase

Mission Objective Reward
Get Your Song On Build 40 completed items. 20 Star Shards
Lantern Lighting Light the lanterns by maintaining a 4+ win streak for 40 total rounds. 200 XP
Shine the Super Signal Field Super 3 and 1+ 3-star units. 20 Star Shards
Sett Up For Success Field a Mecha Prime Sett. 200 XP
Clash of Clout Acquire 150 total fame with Anima Squad. 200 XP
Dancing With Dragons Win 30 PvP combat rounds. 200 XP

Final Phase

Mission Objective Reward
A Festive Ending Play a game of Fortune's Favor Lunar Revel Little Legend Egg


Lunar Gala Shop


It wouldn't be Lunar New Year without a bounty of new content in the shop!

Item Price (RP/TC)
Riches of the Rabbit 390
5 Riches of the Rabbit 1950
10+1 Riches of the Rabbit 3900
Penthouse Party Box 390
5 Penthouse Party Boxes 1950
10+1 Penthouse Party Boxes 3900

Riches of the Rabbit

Looking to flatten your foes with Chibi Panda Annie's Panda Choncc finisher? Find her as a rare drop (2%) from Riches of the Rabbit (guaranteed by 61st egg)! If this festive little legend eludes your grasp, don't worry—all Riches of the Rabbit without Chibi Panda Annie will contain Bun Bun variants, Lunar Gala variants of Bun Bun, Melisma, and Gloop, or previously released Lunar Revel Little Legends, so you'll be blinged out for the holidays regardless of what you get! 

Penthouse Party Box

The House of the Golden Rabbit arena is the perfect venue for opening red envelopes and crushing your enemies, and you can get the key to this chill loft as a rare drop (2%) from Penthouse Party Boxes (guaranteed by 61st box). These boxes are also where you'll find Lion Dancer Poggles (5%) ringing in the new year with their sweet moves. Boxes without either of these rare finds will still contain another Mythic Little Legend, Bun Bun variants, Lunar Gala variants of Bun Bun, Melisma, or Gloop, or previously released Lunar Revel Little Legends. 


Chibi Champ

You smell like…burning. Did you forget your dumplings in the pan? NOPE. Chibi Annie's here to heat up the new year!

Chibi Champ Price (RP/TC)
Chibi Annie (Rare) 1900

Little Legends

Melisma and Gloop are feeling lucky this Lunar New Year! And why wouldn't they, with Bun Bun rounding out the roster?

Little Legend Price (RP/TC)
Lotus Dancer Melisma 1✰ (Epic) 925
Festive Fire Melisma 1✰ (Epic) 925
Porcelain Melisma 1✰ (Epic) 925
Heavenly Jade Melisma 1✰ (Epic) 925
Lucky Rabbit Melisma 1✰ (Epic) 925
Peachy Gloop 1✰ (Epic) 925
Shrimpy Gloop 1✰ (Epic) 925
Hearty Soup Gloop 1✰ (Epic) 925
Porcelain Gloop 1✰ (Epic) 925
Golden Custard Gloop 1✰ (Epic) 925
Bun Bun 1✰ (Rare) 750
Chubby Choco Bun Bun 1✰ (Rare) 750
Battle Bunny Bun Bun 1✰ (Epic) 925
Space Groove Bun Bun 1✰ (Epic) 925
Bunana Bun Bun 1✰ (Rare) 750
Lunar Revel Bun Bun 1✰ (Epic) 925
Porcelain Bun Bun 1✰ (Epic) 925
Red Hare Bun Bun 1✰ (Epic) 925
Lotus Bun Bun 1✰ (Epic) 925
Delicious Bun Bun 1✰ (Epic) 925


Can't choose what to get? Grab a bundle!

Bundle Content Price (RP/TC>
Lunar Gala Welcome Bundle 1 Heavenly Jade Melisma 1 Penthouse Party Box 1 Random Emotes 260
Lunar Gala Welcome Bundle 2 Hearty Soup Gloop 1 Riches of the Rabbit 1 Penthouse Party Box 200 Star Shards 1 Random Emotes 555
Penthouse Party Bundle 27 Penthouse Party Boxes 4 Bonus Penthouse Party Boxes 10530
Riches of the Rabbit Bundle Chibi Annie 27 Riches of the Rabbit 4 Bonus Riches of the Rabbit 12145


Fortune's Favor Game Mode

Maybe Golden Bun Bun misheard, but they're ringing in a particularly looney New Year with the Fortune's Favor game mode!

Those looking to test their luck with this truly fortunate event can expect the following features:

  • First carousel has all 4-or-5-cost champions
  • Golden Bun Bun makes it rain by showering loot orbs on every player (3 orbs at stage 1, up to 7 orbs by stage 5)
    • These loot orbs are extra lucky, and can contain things like Ornn (Forge) Items, Tactician Crowns, Tomes of Traits, Champs, and more!
    • They will NOT, however, ever contain Thief's Gloves. There's just not enough room for that!
  • When you drop below 50 health, you'll get Golden Orb with even better loot. Don't call it a comeback!

Bounce into Fortune's Favor now to enter an unparalleled realm of riches! The loot may be virtually unlimited, but Fortune's Favor itself will only last for the duration of this event. Its illustrious curtains will close on February 13th, 2023 at ~10:30 AM PT!

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