Teamfight Tactics: Glitched Out!

Heroes from all over Spatulopolis gathered, deployed, and…failed?! With Ultra Threat Whiskers bending the very fabric of the Convergence, our protagonists will have to dig interdimensional levels of deep to emerge victorious!


Start - March 22, 2023 / 11:00 AM PST
End - June 13, 2023 / 11:59 PM local time*

*Dates and times are subject to change. Always check the in-game schedule for the most accurate information.

Glitched Out! Pass


Everyone gets the free Glitched Out! Pass from the get-go, but those looking to really get weird can upgrade to the premium Glitched Out! Pass+ for a bunch of extra content! Can't decide right away? Don't sweat it! All your progress will be recorded no matter what you choose to do.

Take a look at the Pass+ Content section below to see some of the things you can unlock with the premium pass, or dive into our Glitched Out! Pass FAQ for more info on how the passes work!

Spatulopolis is GLITCHING OUT!

Spatulopolis is on the fritz, and the Convergence isn't faring much better. Try to reboot reality before it's too late!

Glitched Out Carousels


Once you get to Stage 2, you might notice something a little…different… about the carousel. Units of these glitched out carousels can be carrying all kinds of things now, including Golden Spatulas, Loaded Dice, Training Dummies, and more!

No, it's not a bug—it's a FEATURE!

Following Stage 2, you will have a chance to see up to two more Glitched Out Carousels with increasingly valuable loot appearing at later stages. Heck, some carousels won't even have champions!


We've also implemented a few other changes, like items popping off your carousel champs instead of being stuck on 'em, and a whole bunch of new Hero Augments to keep things fresh.

Visit our mid-set mechanic reveal to learn more!

Origins and Classes

While we're excited to welcome new heroes to the fray, let's not forget those who've hung up their capes: Arsenal, Recon, Civilian, and their related champs are taking a well-deserved vacation. Fighting mega villains is hard work!

But don't worry, a new generation of heroes has risen up to take their place:

New Traits

No, you're not just seeing double—with InfiniTeam, heroes tag in alternate reality versions of themselves to turn the tide of battle. Talk about helping yourself!


The InfiniTeam opens a portal to an alternate timeline. At the start of combat, any InfiniTeam unit placed on a portal summons an alternate version of themself with different items. They get 1 for each Augment you own.

The copies have reduced Health and damage.
(3) 1 portal opens, 40% damage and 40% HP
(5) 2 portals open, 55% damage and 55% HP
(7) 2 portals open, 90% damage and 90% HP

But why stick to alternate versions of yourself when your FUTURE self is ready to impart knowledge via Parallel?!


(2) Ezreal learns from his older, more handsome self and joins him in future adventures.

Ezreal's Ability becomes a blast that hits all enemies in a line.

Ultimate Ezreal's Ability summons one additional temporal duplicate.

Those with itchy tricky fingers need look no further than champs with the Quickdraw class. EXTRA shots fired!


After every 2 damaging ability projectiles, Quickdraw units fire a bonus ability projectile. Bonus shots deal:

(2) 60% total damage.
(3) 100% total damage.
(4) 139% total damage.

The space between dimensions is just as powerful as those dimensions themselves. Don't believe us? Zac, our resident Riftwalker, would like to have a word…


(3) Riftwalkers open a gap between dimensions and summon their ally Zac, who grows in power based on the star level of Riftwalkers.

Zac gains the last-listed Trait of the closest Riftwalker.

Returning Traits

These heroes may be down, but they're not out! The following traits are angling for a comeback story in Glitched Out!



A.D.M.I.N. programs a custom configuration per player each game.

(2) [Initialize ADMIN cause and effect]
(4) [Add another effect to the program]. Boost all tiers by 30%
(6) Boost previous tiers by 100%

Anima Squad

Anima Squad members pose after champion kills, increasing their fame. Each point of fame grants 5 permanent Health to each Anima Squad member.

They also gain:

(3) 10% Attack Damage and 10 Ability Power
(5) 35% Attack Damage and 35 Ability Power
(7) 60% Attack Damage and 60 Ability Power


(1) Combat start: Lie dormant while absorbing the souls of allies that die. Gain 40 Ability Power for each soul.

Once per combat at 70% Health (or when your team has died), come alive and fight.


Each round, Gadgeteens create random modified weapons with powerful effects that fall apart after one round. Gadgeteens also gain Damage and Damage Reduction for each item equipped to them.

(3) Create 1 item, 3% per item.
(5) Create 2 items, 10% per item.


When a LaserCorp agent attacks or is hit by an attack, their combat drone deals magic damage to the agent's target (0.4 second cooldown).

When an agent dies, their drone is reassigned to the nearest living agent.

Drone lasers deal:
(3) 30 magic damage
(4) 42 magic damage
(5) 50 magic damage. All units get a LaserCorp drone.
(6) 70 magic damage. All units get a LaserCorp drone.

Mecha: PRIME

Use the Mecha selector item to choose a PRIME.

Combat start: The PRIME combines with the 2 nearest Mecha, absorbing 90% of their Base Health.

(3) The PRIME gains 60 Ability Power and 60% Attack Damage
(5) All Mechas gain 55 Ability Power and 55% Attack Damage; the PRIME gains double this amount

Ox Force

Ox Force units gain bonus defenses. Once per combat, when they would drop below one health, they instead go to one health and become immune to damage for 1 second.

(2) 20 Armor and Magic Resist
(4) 50 Armor and Magic Resist
(6) 125 Armor and Magic Resist

Star Guardian

Star Guardians gain more Mana in combat.

(3) 40% Mana
(5) 70% Mana
(7) 120% Mana
(9) 200% Mana

Supers (3) Combat start: Strike a pose that grants your team 18% bonus damage, which increases by 3% for every 3-star champion on your team.
Threat Threats do not have a Trait bonus, but instead have powerful Abilities and increased base stats.

The Underground must sneak through the sewers after each player combat and crack 10 locks to open a vault. When the vault opens, you may choose to take the loot now, or attempt another heist for even better rewards.

(3) 2 locks per win, 3 per loss
(4) 2 locks per win, 4 per loss
(5) 3 locks per win, 5 per loss
(6) 4 locks per win, 7 per loss



This Trait is active only when you have exactly 1 or 4 unique Aces.

(1) Execute enemies under 15% Health
(4) Execute enemies under 30% Health


Your team gains bonus Magic Resist, and Aegis units gain more.

(2) +20 Magic Resist, +40 for Aegis
(3) +40 Magic Resist, +80 for Aegis
(4) +60 Magic Resist, +120 for Aegis
(5) +90 Magic Resist, +180 for Aegis


Brawlers gain additional maximum Health.

(2) +20% maximum Health
(4) +44% maximum Health
(6) +75% maximum Health
(8) +110% maximum Health


Your team gains bonus Armor, and Defenders gain more.

(2) +30 Armor, +60 for Defender
(4) +80 Armor, +160 for Defenders
(6) +200 Armor, +400 for Defenders


Innate: Increased movement speed.

Duelists' attacks grant bonus Attack Speed, up to 12 stacks.

(2) +5% Attack Speed per stack
(4) +9% Attack Speed per stack
(6) +15% Attack Speed per stack
(8) +24% Attack Speed per stack

Forecaster Depending on the weather, The Forecaster grants a different bonus to adjacent allies. The weather changes every game.

Hackers gain Omnivamp and summon a H4ckerr!m. Any unit placed in the rider hex will be sent to the enemy backline and is untargetable for the first seconds of combat.

(2) +15% Omnivamp
(3) +30% Omnivamp for Hackers, 10% for the rider
(4) +40% Omnivamp for Hackers, 20% for the rider

Omnivamp: heal for some of damage dealt


When Heart units cast their Ability, your team gains stacking Ability Power for the rest of combat.

(2) +4 Ability Power
(4) +7 Ability Power
(6) +10 Ability Power


Your team heals a percentage of their maximum Health every 2 seconds, and Mascots heal double the amount.

When Mascots die, they retreat to the sidelines to cheer on your team. Your team's healing increases by 1% for each cheering Mascot.

(2) 2% healing
(4) 3% healing
(6) 5% healing
(8) 12% healing


(2) Once per combat at 50% Health, Pranksters spawn a target dummy, move to a safe location, and restore 150 Health.
(3) And, Prankster dummies stun the enemy that killed them for 1.5 seconds.


Renegade units deal bonus damage, and the last one standing deals more.

(3) 25% bonus damage, extra 20% for last alive
(5) 40% bonus damage, extra 30% for last alive
(7) 55% bonus damage, extra 40% for last alive


Every 5 seconds, Spellslinger's next attack instead fires a magic orb at a random target, which explodes for 50% Ability Power as magic damage.

Spellslingers gain:
(2) +25 Ability Power
(4) +60 Ability Power
(6) +95 Ability Power
(8) +140 Ability Power, and orbs deal 150% Ability Power


Combat start: Sureshots gain bonus Attack Damage now, and every 4 seconds.

(2) +5% Attack Damage
(3) +10% Attack Damage
(4) +15% Attack Damage
(5) +21% Attack Damage

Threat Threats do not have a Trait bonus, but instead have powerful Abilities and increased base stats.

Ranked Reset

Since mid-sets like Glitched Out! preserve most of the mechanics and champions of the previous set, ranks will only be getting a soft reset. For the vast majority of you, that means dropping one full tier from your previous rank. Gold II will become Silver II, Diamond IV changes to Platinum IV, etc..

If you're one of the tactical titans who managed to hit Master and above, your rank will be reset to Diamond IV to give us mere mortals a chance to catch up!

Ranked Rewards

Your heroics have not gone unnoticed! Ranked players will be well-rewarded based on how far they climbed, and your Monsters Attack! rewards will be distributed throughout the Glitched Out! mid-set.

Now without further ado, let's take a look at what you'll get!


Placed Gold or higher in Monsters Attack!? Celebrate with a chibi Lux emote, including a special tiara/staff denoting your rank!


Hyper Roll

If your Hyper Roll victories helped you climb to Green, Blue, Purple, or Hyper tier while facing the various threats of Monsters Attack!, you'll receive an emote based on your rank featuring the resilient Super Squad Sprite!


Double Up!

Teamwork makes the dream work—especially if that dream is claiming ranked rewards in Double Up! Those of you who reached Gold can higher can flex your duo queue prowess with the Super Squad Whiskers…squad!


Provisional Games

After the set kicks off, everybody who plays ranked will start with five provisional placement games. During those games, you won't lose any LP for finishing in the bottom 4, and you'll earn extra LP for placing in the top 4—or top 2 for Double Up.


If you want to earn XP to unlock Glitched Out! Pass rewards, completing missions is your best bet!

Weekly Missions

Every week will bring a fresh set of missions for you to swoop in and save the day. Just finish them before the new week begins and the missions switch over!

Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11

Mission Objective XP
Power of Threes Play 3 games of Teamfight Tactics: Glitched Out! 600
Crossover Event Field a team with 5+ active traits. 200
Defeat the Monsters Place 1st in a game.
Win 3 Games (Place 1st–4th in standard games, or 1st–2nd in Double Up).
The One with the Power Get a 3-, 4-, or 5-cost champion to 3-star. 200

Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12

Mission Objective XP
Power of Threes Play 3 games of Teamfight Tactics: Glitched Out! 600
Super Alliance Field 9+ units. 200
Gear Up! Select a champion from the carousel equipped with 2+ items. 200
Hold the Line Get a 5-round win streak. 200

Glitched Out! Missions

These mega-glitched missions can be completed only once. Most of them have two different objectives that must both be completed, but we promise the XP payout at the end is worth the extra effort.

Mission Objective XP
Defend the City Play a match of Teamfight Tactics: Glitched Out! 400
Power Up Earn 25 points by selecting Augments (1 for Hero, 1 for Silver, 2 for Gold, 3 for Prismatic). 400
Mega Hero Field a champion with 3000+ health. 400
Gold Star Team 3-star 3 champions in one game. 400
Infinite Wisdom Open 3 Tomes of Traits. 400
GNAR BIG! Field a 2-star+ Gnar with Titan's Resolve. 400
Increased Cheering Section Field Mascot at 6+. 600
School's in Session Field Star Guardians 7+. 600
Just Part of the Team Field a Threat with an emblem and its trait active at Gold+. 600
Paradox Loop Field InfiniTeam 5+. 600
Cosmic Traveler Field Riftwalker and Summon Zac for {quantity} rounds. 600
Pew Pew Pew Field Quickdraw 4+. 600
Maximum Power Field a Prismatic trait. 800
Corruption Squad Field Morgana, Aatrox, and Fiddlesticks all at 2-star or greater. 800
The Chosen One Field a Gold+ Trait on a Hero. 800
Deadliest Heroes Field a 2-star+ Neeko with Rabadon's Deathcap.
Field a 2-star+ Jhin with Deathblade.
Playing Dirty Field Underground for 3 rounds.
Have Syndra throw in a 2-star+ Threat from your bench.

Store Content


As the threats to Spatulopolis increase, so does the cuteness of its tacticians!


Shork doesn't just talk the talk—he walks the walk. Which is kinda nuts, considering he's a shark. But when your city's in peril, you stop asking questions and start embracing this fearsome fish!

After Baron made its debut in the last set, we couldn't resist introducing another of the Rift's most famous monsters: Scuttle! Transformed by the Convergence, this buffed up new tactician is ready to deliver punches after years of taking them.

Not much is known about Noctero, but that's just the way they like it. As suave and stealthy as they come, hoooo could this mysterious protowlganist be?!

The bite-sized dango is making a hero-sized splash with the new Dango Rangos squad. If loving these new dango rango is wrongo, we don't wanna be righto!

Had your fill of cute-but-courageous critters? Then turn your eyes to the shadows…!


Chibi Zed can be purchased directly from the shop for 1,900 RP/TC and also comes with one of the Pass bundles as outlined below. Regardless how you add him to your Roster, you'll also be getting his signature boom: Razor Shuriken!

Even the ultimate assassin can use an upgrade. Case in pointy blades: Chibi PROJECT: Zed!


Much like in League, Chibi PROJET: Zed comes with a powerful finisher, which will play every time you knock a player out of the match!

Chibi PROJECT: Zed has a 2% chance of dropping from Zed's Data Cache (390 RP/TC), but you are guaranteed to unlock him by your 61st cache. Zed's Data Caches will ninja-vanish from the store when Glitched Out! wraps up, so grab 'em while you can!

Direct Purchase Tacticians

Little Legend Cost
Shork (Rare) 750 RP/TC
Super Shork (Rare) 750 RP/TC
Bite Size Shork (Rare) 750 RP/TC
Star Guardian Shork (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Star Nemesis Shork (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Noctero (Rare) 750 RP/TC
Pulsefire Noctero (Rare) 750 RP/TC
Star Guardian Noctero (Rare) 750 RP/TC
Star Nemesis Noctero (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Super Noctero (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Scuttle 750 RP/TC
Swole Scuttle 750 RP/TC
Star Guardian Scuttle 750 RP/TC
Dapper Scuttle 925 RP/TC
Super Scuttle 925 RP/TC
Red Hot Rango 925 RP/TC
Swift Blue Rango 925 RP/TC
Lightning Quick Rango 925 RP/TC
Fierce Rose Rango 925 RP/TC
Resplendent Rango 925 RP/TC

Star Shards

130 Star Shards 625 RP/TC
520 Star Shards 2,500 RP/TC
1,040 Star Shards 5,000 RP/TC

Zed's Data Cache

Crack open a Cache to have a chance of getting Shork, Scuttle, Noctero, and Dango Rango variants, previously released Little Legends, and even the mythic Chibi PROJECT: Zed (2% chance, guaranteed by 61st Cache)!


1 Zed's Data Cache 390 RP
5 Zed's Data Caches 1950 RP
10+1 Zed's Data Caches 3900 RP

Ultra Nefarious Capsule

Pop open a Capsule to have a chance of getting Shork, Scuttle, Noctero, and Dango Rango variants, previously released Little Legends, and even the mythic Ultra Threat Whisker!


Additionally, these Capsules come with a 2% of dropping the Monsters Attack arena (2% chance, guaranteed by 61st Capsule) shown below!

1 Ultra Nefarious Capsule 390 RP
5 Ultra Nefarious Capsules 1950 RP
10+1 Ultra Nefarious Capsules 3900 RP


If you thought the Threat units were dangerous, what until you see the absolute behemoth looming over Spatulopolis in the Monsters Attack arena!

monsters-attack-arena.pngThis arena can only be found in Ultra Nefarious Capsules

Premium Pass and Bundles

Want a little of everything? Sounds like you might be in the market for a bundle!

Glitched Out! Pass+ 1,295 RP/TC
Beyond Human Bundle
  • Glitched Out! Pass+
  • Chibi Zed
  • 27 Zed's Data Caches
  • 4 Bonus Zed's Data Caches
13,150 RP/TC
Full Scale Bundle
  • Glitched Out! Pass+
  • 27 Ultra Nefarious Capsules
  • 4 Bonus Ultra Nefarious Capsules
11,630 RP/TC
Righteous Attitude Bundle
  • Smug emote
  • 1 Ultra Nefarious Capsule
  • 1 Zed's Data Cache
  • Pulsefire Noctero
550 RP/TC

Pass+ Content

Leveling up the premium Glitched Out! Pass+ will earn you all of the following rewards, as well as the emotes other goodies contained in the free pass.

For a more in-depth look at what the Glitched Out! Pass contains and how it works, check out our Glitched Out! Pass FAQ!

Little Legends

With Super Evil Sprite and Nemesis Nimblefoot making their debut, being bad has never looked so good!



Every cat worth their nip has an evil lair, and few evil lairs have the flair that Ultra Threat Whisker's Pass+ arenas offer: A Purrfect Plan, Hiss-story in the Making, and Claw and Order


But only the most diabolical feline fiends will complete the whole Pass+ to get the keys to Whisker's Mewtant Lab!



Show your enemies you are kitten around with the Glitched Out! Pass+ booms: Paws Lightning, Cat-ling Gun, Cosmeows Beam, and Wait a Meow-ment…!


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