Teamfight Tactics - Skyglass Origins 2021

Reckoning continues with Skyglass Origins, an exciting new event coming to Teamfight Tactics!

Play TFT between June 15th, 2021 at 8:00 AM (PDT) and July 8th, 2021 at 8:00 AM (PDT) to help Pengu restore the shattered Skyglass and uncover the mysteries of Reckoning, all while earning rewards.

Order and Chaos

In case you missed it, the Black Mist has unleashed Chaos Pengu and a slew of other chaotic minions on the world, leaving the Sacred Keep in shambles and the Skyglass shattered. 

But the battle has just begun! During the Skyglass Origins event, you’ll complete missions to help Pengu and the forces of Order uncover hidden knowledge and drive back the Black Mist.

jpegRiot Games TFT Teamfight Tactics Support - The Sacred Keep in shambles and the Skyglass shattered.

Restoring the Skyglass

Play Teamfight Tactics during the event to complete missions and rebuild the Skyglass piece by piece. With every pane you restore, you’ll learn secrets and gameplay tips about the Origins of Reckoning. There are a total of 15 missions, and by completing them all you’ll earn over 100 Star Shards, a Magical Misfits Little Legends egg, and two unique emotes.


Each mission in a given chain must be completed sequentially, and only one mission of each type will be visible at a time. Once the Order and Chaos chains are both restored, you’ll gain access to the neutral chain and its ★★★ rewards.







Complete 6 items in a single game

10 Star Shards


Field a team with 5 2-Star champions

10 Star Shards


Have 50 Gold

10 Star Shards


Play a 5-cost unit

10 Star Shards


Earn 20 Gold from interest in a single game

10 Star Shards


Survive until Stage 5, Round 1

10 Star Shards








Field a champion with 3 completed items

10 Star Shards


Field a team with at least 5 Traits active

10 Star Shards


Spend 100 Gold

10 Star Shards


Sell a 2-Star champion

10 Star Shards


Get to level 8 in a single game

10 Star Shards


Get 10 Gold from winning or losing streaks

10 Star Shards








Urf’s Creation

Do 100 total player damage

Magical Misfits Egg

The Great Imbalance

Win 30 rounds total

Just You Wait emote

Order Prevails

Get a Top 4

Here’s to Me emote

Just You Wait emote in TFT.


Here’s to Me emote in TFT.


Skyglass Eggs and URF Dowsie

Don’t miss out on our lowest cost Little Legends egg ever: the Skyglass egg! In addition to being a super good deal, Skyglass eggs have a chance to drop URF Dowsie—a brand new Mythic-tier Little Legend exclusive to the event. 

You can learn more about Skyglass eggs and URF Dowsie here.

The URF Dowsie Little Legend Tactician holding a golden Spatula.


To top it all off, a series of Skyglass Origins bundles will be available just for the event. Check out the full list below!

Skyglass Egg 390 RP
0 + 1 Skyglass Egg Bundle 3900 RP

Skyglass Party Bundle
(Battlepass, 4 Pool Party Choncc Eggs, 5 Skyglass Eggs, Splash Party Arena)

6500 RP 

Skyglass Misfits Bundle
(15 +2 Skyglass Eggs, 9 + 1 Magical Misfits Eggs)

10260 RP

Skyglass Megabundle
(33 + 7 Skyglass Eggs)

12870 RP


What’s in a Skyglass egg?

Skyglass eggs contain Little Legends from the launch set all the way to Spirit Blossom, and have a chance to drop URF Dowsie.

Will I receive XP towards the Reckoning Pass for completing missions in the Skyglass Origins event?

Yes! Each completed mission will award 100 Battlepass XP.

Does Hyper Roll count towards Skyglass Origins mission progress?

Yup! You’ll complete missions whether you’re playing Normal, Hyper Roll, or a little of both.


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