Treasure Realms FAQ

How do TFT's Treasure Realms work?

At a basic level, Treasure Realms work the same way old loot did: you get a certain number of tries (Treasure Tokens) to earn content (Bounty), including exceptionally rare, time-limited offerings Star Content). There are, however, two new features to make getting that super rare content way more reliable: Realm's Promise and Promise Tokens

But before we get to the fun stuff, let's review the Treasure Realms fundamentals.

Treasure Tokens


It all starts with Treasure Tokens, the special currency that gives you access to Treasure Realms!

You can use 390 RP/TC to get 100 Treasure Tokens, which you spend to open a portal to a Treasure Realm and unlock content from a rotating list of loot (ie the Bounty). Simple!

100 Treasure Tokens = 1 chance at the Treasure Bounty, while 450 Tokens = 1 chance at the Prestige Bounty. At launch, you can only purchase Treasure Tokens from the PC TFT hub (and on mobile!), and are limited to buying 25,000 Treasure Tokens a day.

As mentioned above, Treasure Tokens are your one way ticket to a shot at the…

Treasure Bounty

The Treasure Bounty of Treasure Realms refers to a batch of varied, time-limited loot you might get each time you roll for a Treasure Bounty. This can include tacticians, arenas, and more! If you're curious about the exact goodies available in a Bounty (along with your chances of winning said items), select the question mark hovering next to the Treasure Realm's name in the TFT hub. Just note that these numbers reflect the odds of getting any given content if you didn't own any of the Bounty's offerings. Still, it should still give you an idea of each item's rarity!

It's also important to note that each Bounty is only available for a limited time! While some content persists between Bounties, there are super rare items called Star Content that disappear when a Bounty rotates. They're covered in a little more detail further below.

Prestige Bounty

The Prestige Bounty of Treasure Realms is a lot like the Treasure Bounty with a few important distinctions:

  • Costs 450 Treasure Tokens
  • Features more than one piece of Star Content
  • Star Content is guaranteed after half as many attempts
  • Attempts do not carry over from one Prestige Bounty to another (no Promise Tokens)

Star Content

Star Content is the extra special prize that is only included in the Bounty for a short time. This will often (but not always!) be a tactician/arena or a chibi with a rad skin, and will typically be featured front and center in the Treasure Realms hub.

As mentioned above, each piece of Star Content is only available for a limited time, which will be displayed on the Treasure Realms hub. Once that time elapses, the current Star Content will go into the vault while new goodies take center stage. There's no telling when (or even if!) Star Content will make a repeat appearance, so be sure to grab those must-haves while you can!

Thankfully, it's only a matter of time until you get some kind of Star Content thanks to…

Realm's Promise

Realm's Promise is the number of attempts left until you are guaranteed to get Star Content!

Whenever you open a Bounty and don't receive Star Content, your Realms Promise counts down by one. If it hits zero, the current Star Content will be yours on the next attempt!

Of course, getting Star Content before reaching zero will reset your Realm's Promise back to its starting value—but hey, that just means you got the good stuff!

The real magic of Realm's Promise is that it persists between Treasure Bounties! Even if you aren't able to get what you're looking for right away, you'll be that much closer to when the next goodies roll around.

"But wait!," you say. "What happens if Realm's Promise counts down and I already own all the Star Content?!"

In that case, you'll find yourself the proud owner of a…

Promise Token


If you reach zero Realm's Promise but already own all available Star Content, congratulations—you just earned a Promise Token!

Promise Tokens can be used to immediately unlock Star Content, and… Well, that's it! There's nothing more to it! Enjoy your sweet, sweet Star Content!

Promise Tokens cannot be purchased on their own, and are unavailable for Prestige Bounties.


What will happen to my unused TFT eggs?

Don't worry! Any eggs you acquired prior to Treasure Realms' release will wait in your inventory until you decide to hatch them.

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