Teamfight Tactics: Runeterra Reforged

runeterra-reforged-background.pngTeamfight Tactics returns to its humble roots with its newest set, Runeterra Reforged!

Elemental brawls, space battles, kaiju combat… Our champions have seen it all! And while this new set is a return to the world that inspired it all, we're making use of all the lessons we've learned along the way. Prepare to create your comp with unprecedented control as you navigate brand new world-altering effects courtesy of Legends and Region Portals!

A new set means new mechanics (and a few old ones!), traits, tacticians, and more, so read on for all the juicy details. You'll be able to return to Runeterra from June 14, 2023 at 11:00AM PST to September 12, 2023 at 11:59PM local time.*

*Dates and times are subject to change. Always check the in-game schedule for the most accurate information.

Runeterra Reforged Passes

As always, the best way to experience TFT's latest set is by leveling up your pass and earning rewards! Everyone gets the free Runeterra Reforged Pass automatically on day one of the new set, and you can upgrade to the premium Runeterra Reforged Pass+ for even more cool stuff whenever you want.


Take a look at the Pass+ Content section below to see some of the things you can unlock with the premium pass, or gather intel for your super squad with our Runeterra Reforged Pass FAQ to learn how the passes work.

What's so Reforged about this Runeterra?

While you'll get your usual new batch of champs, traits, and origins, the real fun comes from choosing your Runeterran travel companion and itinerary for each match with Legends and Region Portals!


Runeterra Reforged marks the first time you'll be making gameplay choices before even entering the queue.

Once you're in the lobby, you'll see a new button prompting you to pick a Legend. Each Legend encourages a specific playstyle by guaranteeing one augment from preset lists at stages 2-1, 3-2, and 4-2. The other two augments at each of these stages will still be totally random, but at least now you'll have a higher chance of getting the critical pick that your whole battle plan revolves around!

You can also change your Legend whenever you like outside of the game, so keep experimenting to find the perfect complement to your big-brain strats. If you opt not to pick a Legend at all, you'll be left with Poro, the default Legend, leaving your augments untouched.

Your opponents' Legends will be visible once the game starts, giving you clues about their desired comp before they even snag their first champion. 

Finally, Legends will be available in all games modes except for Hyper Roll, which is just too li'l to fit all these giant characters.

Region Portals

At your first carousel, three portals leading to different Runeterran regions will appear at the center of the map. Every region has a few different possible portals, each offering a new twist on the coming match. These effects vary a lot! For example, one yordle portal (heh) will replace the mobs of every PvE round with scuttle crabs that give extra loot, while one Targonian portal will give all players a Tactician's Crown on certain stages. That's why it's extra important to hover over your potential picks to know what you might be getting into!

To vote on a region, walk your tactician into your chosen portal. If you don't pick a region, then only the remaining players' votes will be considered. After a set amount of time or once all votes are cast, a region will be picked at random from the chosen portals, at which point everybody will hop into the same portal, be given a random 1-cost to start with, and begin the match in earnest.

Origins and Classes

Classic champs are back and better than ever!


Origin Bonuses

When Aatrox or the holder of the Darkin Blade dies, the Darkin Blade is equipped to the nearest ally champion, granting them 450 and 20% Omnivamp.

After being equipped to a champion for 4 seconds, Aatrox will revive upon their death instead.


During planning phase, your strongest Demacians become Elite and equip a random Radiant Item for the next combat. Elites grant Armor and Magic Resist to themselves and adjacent allies, but this does not stack.

(3) 1 Elite, +10 , +10
(5) 2 Elites, +15 , +15
(7) 3 Elites, +80 , +80
(9) 5 Elites, +180 , +180

Radiant items are upgraded versions of completed items.


After 5 seconds, an ice storm strikes the battlefield. Enemies take a percentage of their maximum Health as true damage and gain debuffs for 15 seconds.

(2) 5% Health, enemies are 40% Sundered and Shredded
(3) 12% Health, enemies are also 50% Mana Reaved
(4) 20% Health, enemies are also stunned for 1.5 seconds

Sunder: Reduce Armor
Shred: Reduce Magic Resist
Mana Reave: Increase max Mana until the next cast


Every 4 seconds, your strongest Ionians are enlightened to their spirit form and gain 20 Mana.

Each Ionian has a unique bonus within their ability, which doubles when in spirit form.

(3) 100% Ionian bonus, 1 enlightened
(6) 200% Ionian bonus, 2 enlightened
(9) 270% Ionian bonus, 3 enlightened


Noxus units gain Health, Ability Power and Attack Damage. This is increased by 10% for each different opponent that either you have conquered in combat or is dead.

(3) 175 , 15 , 15%
(6) 375 , 30 , 30%
(9) 550 , 55 , 55%


Gain the T-Hex. Every time you lose a player combat, the T-Hex gains Charges. Winning converts the Charges to Power for the T-Hex.

You may also sell the T-Hex if it has any Power, resetting the T-Hex and converting its Power to loot.

(3) Gain the T-Hex.
(6) Gain bonus loot every round. Each loss counts as 2 losses instead.

Redeemer Whenever an ally gains a Shield, grant them 7% stacking Attack Speed for the rest of combat.
Shadow Isles

After dealing or receiving damage 8 times, Shadow Isles units gain a Shield for 8 seconds and become Spectral for the rest of combat. Spectral units gain Mana every second.

(2) 40% Shield, 10 Mana
(4) 70% Shield, 15 Mana
(6) 100% Shield, 20 Mana


Every 4 seconds, Shurimans heal 7% max Health. After 8 seconds, select Shurimans ascend and gain 40% max Health and 40% Attack Speed.

(3) The strongest Shuriman ascends
(5) All Shuriman
(7) ALSO ascend at the start of combat
(9) +50% Ascension bonus


Your healing and shielding is increased.

(2) 18% increased healing and shielding
(3) 25% increased healing and shielding
(4) 34% increased healing and shielding


Get a placeable void egg. At the start of combat, it hatches into an unspeakable horror and knocks up adjacent enemies.

Each Void star level increases the horror's Health and Ability Power by 25%.

(3) Void Remora
(6) Rift Herald
(8) Baron Nashor


Your units gain 10% Attack Speed per star level.

If you have three 3-star champions, your Yordles can become 4-star, which gives their ability a wacky upgrade!

(3) Your strongest 3-star Yordle
(5) Two 3-star Yordles

Ties in items are broken by the Yordle fielded most recently.


Zaun champions create random chem-mods that only they can use. Champions can be modded once, and mods can only be removed by selling the champion.

(2) Gain 1 chem-mod
(4) Gain 2 chem-mods
(6) Gain 3 chem-mods and Overcharge mods


Class Bonuses

Bastion champions gain Armor and Magic Resist. This is increased by 100% for the first 10 seconds of combat.

(2) +20 Defense
(4) +45 Defense
(6) +90 Defense
(8) +180 Defense


Your units gain 100 Health. Bruisers get even more.

(2) +15%
(4) +40%
(6) +85%


Challengers gain bonus Attack Speed. When their target dies, Challengers dash to a new target and increase their Attack Speed bonus by 50% for 2.5 seconds.

(2) 30%
(4) 55%
(6) 80%
(8) 110%


Innate: +1 range

Every 3 seconds, Deadeyes attack the enemy with the highest percent Health and deal bonus damage.

(2) +20% damage
(4) +44% damage
(6) +100% damage


When Bel'Veth kills an enemy, they leave behind Void Coral that she will consume. The first Coral increases her max Health by 50%, while further Coral heals her 20% max Health.

When a Void Coral is consumed, she deals 10% max Health as magic damage to enemies within 2 hexes.


When Gunner champions attack, they gain bonus Attack Damage, up to 8 stacks.

(2) 5% Attack Damage per stack
(4) 10% Attack Damage per stack
(6) 16% Attack Damage per stack


Every 3 seconds, your units gain Mana.

(2) 5
(4) Additional 10 to Invokers
(6) 10 to all, additional 15 to Invokers


Juggernaut champions take less damage as their Health decreases.

(2) 10% to 20% damage reduction
(4) 20% to 34% damage reduction
(6) 30% to 50% damage reduction


Multicasters cast their Ability multiple times. Bonus casts have 50% reduced effectiveness.

(2) 1 extra cast
(4) 2 extra casts


(2) When a Rogue falls below 50% Health, they briefly become untargetable and dash to an enemy within 4 hexes (preferring enemy backline).
(4) Additionally, a Rogue's first attack on an enemy bleeds them for 50% of their max Health as magic damage over 5 seconds.


Slayers gain 15% Omnivamp.

Slayers deal bonus damage, doubled against units below 60% Health.

(2) +5% bonus damage
(3) +10% bonus damage
(4) +25% bonus damage
(5) +35% bonus damage
(6) +50% bonus damage


Sorcerers gain bonus Ability Power.

When an enemy dies after being damaged by a Sorcerer, they deal a percentage of their max Health to other enemies.

(2) 25 ; shock 1 enemy for 10%
(4) 45 ; shock 1 enemy for 15%
(6) 75 ; shock 2 enemies for 15%
(8) 111 ; shock 2 enemies for 20%


Combat Start: Allies in the front 2 rows gain a Shield for 8 seconds. Allies in the back 2 rows gain Ability Power.

(2) 200 Shield; 20
(3) 350 Shield; 30
(4) 400 Shield; 40
(5) 550 Shield; 55


Gain a placeable Apex Turret with 3 upgrade slots. Upgrades to the Apex Turret will show up in your shop for 6 gold. The Apex Turret shares Heimerdinger's Attack Speed and Ability Power.

You may only have 1 Apex Turret.

Wanderer Ryze's spell changes depending on the Region Portal players voted for at the start of the game.

Ranked Info

A new set means a new Ranked climb, with a reset and rewards to boot!

Ranked Reset

The time has finally come for our hard-won ranks to drop down, all so we can hard-win them all over again! Why, you ask? Well, we know that for a lot of you, climbing that ladder is the most exciting part of the game. We want to give everyone a fresh ranked experience with each new set, and a hard reset will allow for just that!

So, what does that mean for your rank from Glitched Out? 


If you climbed all the way to Master or above, you’ll start at Bronze IV. If you hit Diamond I, you’ll start your climb from Iron I. Everyone else is starting at Iron II.

Hyper Roll

So what about Hyper Roll? This one’s easy: Everyone, regardless of placement in the last set, is starting at Gray Tier (500).

Double Up

Much like Hyper Roll, everyone starts out at the same place regardless of where they placed in the last set. For Double Up, everyone starts at Iron II.

Provisional Games

After the set kicks off, everybody who plays ranked will start with five provisional placement games. During those games, you won’t lose any LP for finishing in the bottom 4, and you’ll earn extra LP for placing in the top 4—or top 2 for Double Up.

Ranked Rewards

Whew! Those monsters and all their glitches almost got us, but it looks like Runeterra came to the rescue just in time! Still, you should get something for your trouble… How about some ranked rewards, which will be distributed throughout the release of Runeterra Reforged?

Sounds good? Great! Now let's take a look at what you'll get!


Before anything else we want to reward everybody who hit gold or higher! If you accomplished this feat in just one part of the set, you'll get Victorious Flutterbug (left!). But getting gold in BOTH parts?! That's a Triumphant Flutterbug (right!) level achievement!


Standard Ranked

Place Gold or higher in Runeterra Reforged: Glitched Out? Lord over your foes with an emote representing your rank!


Hyper Roll

Achieving Green, Blue, Purple, or Hyper tier while Hyper Rolling through Glitched out may not be a sure thing, but with this emote, it'll at least be a SHORK thing!


Double Up!

Teamwork makes the dream work—especially if that dream is claiming ranked rewards in Double Up! Reach Gold tier or higher in Double Up to show off your synergy with this pair of classy crustaceans!



If you want to earn XP and unlock those sweet Runeterra Reforged Pass rewards, completing missions is your best bet!

Weekly Missions

With as many missions as there are regions, Runeterra's weekly offerings will always give you a reason to visit!

Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13

Mission Objective XP
Explore Runeterra Play 2 Games 600
Diverse Allies Field a team with 5+ active traits 200
A Complete Team Field 9+ units 200
Legendary Fighter Get a 3-, 4-, or 5-cost champion to 3-star 200

Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12

Mission Objective XP
Explore Runeterra Play 2 Games 600
Be a Champion Place 1st in a game
Win 3 games (Place in the top half)
Stay Victorious Get a 5-round win streak 200
Portal Mastery Play 1 game using a Region portal you chose 200

Runeterra Reforged Missions

These thematic missions can be completed only once. Some of them have two different objectives that must both be completed, but we promise the XP payout at the end is worth the extra effort.

Mission Objective XP
Play a Game Play a match of Teamfight Tactics: Runeterra Reforged

This mission must be completed before any others.
Secure Equipment Collect 100 loot orbs. 400
The Best and Brightest 3 star 5 champions 600
Armed to the Teeth Field 30 2-star champions equipped with 3 completed items. 600
Back the Winner Play 3 games using a Region Portal you chose. 400
Fully Invested Field a prismatic trait. 800
Yordle Portal When in a Bandle City Region Portal, activate the yordle trait. 600
Unlikely Allies Field both Noxus and Freljord at the same time 400
The Light and the Dark Field both Shadow Isles and Targon at the same time. 400
Summon the Void Earn 90 Void points by summoning spawn. (1 for Remora, 2 for Rift Herald, 3 for Baron) 600
Massive Support Field a champion with 3000+ health. 600
Heals & Shields Heal 50,000 in combat.
Shield 50,000 damage.
Elite Weaponry Field a champion equipped with a Radiant item. 400
Heavy Hitters Combine 4-cost champions up to 2-star 6 times. 800
Sister Cities Sell a Piltover T-Hex with at least one charge.
Equip 15 Chem-mods on Zaun champions.
Aatrox the World Ender In combat, have a champion equip the Darkin Blade. 800
The Apex Turret Upgrade Heimerdinger's Turret. 800
Conqueror Place 1st in a game two times
Win 5 games (Place in the top half)

Store Content

Little Legends

This set includes a healthy mix of never-before-seen anomalies and classic critters befitting the rich and varied lands of Runeterra.

First up: do not stare too long into the Void, for the Khat'Sai will stare back!

Next, please give a warm welcome to the Raptors, TFT's latest addition from the Summoner's Rift jungle.

And finally! What would a visit to Runeterra be without a cameo by its fluffiest denizen, the Poro?!

Chibi Champions

Speaking of Runeterran classics, Teemo's reporting for duty to make sure the Convergence adheres to the Scout's Code!

Unlocking Tacticians

Specific variations of this set's little legends are available for direct purchase, but they can also be obtained randomly through Treasure Realms.

Direct Purchase Tacticians

Khat'Sai ✰ (Rare) 750 RP/TC
Kraken Khat'Sai ✰ (Rare) 750 RP/TC
Sugarcone Khat'Sai ✰ (Rare) 750 RP/TC
Petricite Khat'Sai ✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Cosmic Khat'Sai ✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Raptors ✰ (Rare) 750 RP/TC
Extra Spicy Raptors ✰ (Rare) 750 RP/TC
Shuriman Raptors ✰ (Rare) 750 RP/TC
Toucan Raptors ✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Koi Raptors ✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Poro ✰ (Legendary) 2,500 RP/TC

Treasure Realms Content

The new set comes with rad new Treasure Realms possibilities, including the Star Content listed below!

But before we get into the deets, let's talk about what Treasure Realms will be replacing: eggs!


If you're looking to make a Treasure Realmslette, you gotta crack a few eggs. Or all of them, as it turns out!

Treasure Realms is replacing Store-bought eggs as a way of pursuing rare content while filling out your roster with tacticians new and old. Eggs might make appearances in other situations (like LoL event shops), but they can't be purchased directly for the foreseeable future.

That said, any eggs you still have in your inventory are totally safe and should function exactly as before!

Chibi Little Devil Teemo

Revel in Teemo's inherent evil with Chibi Little Devil Teemo, who comes with his very own diabolical finisher!

Chibi Little Devil Teemo is included in the current Treasure Realms star content with Runeterra Reforged's release, but keep an eye on Treasure Realms to see when he'll descend once more into Runeterra's darkest pits.

Shrine of the First Lands Arena


Chibi Champions

Teemo + Boom 1,900 RP/TC

Star Shards

130 Star Shards 650 RP/TC
520 Star Shards 2,500 RP/TC
1,040 Star Shards 5,000 RP/TC


Runeterra Reforged Pass+ 1,295 RP/TC

Runeterra Reforged Pass+ Content

Leveling up the premium Runeterra Reforged Pass+ will earn you all of the following rewards, as well as the emotes and eggs contained in the free pass. To see everything you’ll unlock and at what levels, check out the Runeterra Reforged Pass FAQ.


You'll earn the Heimer-danger, Unbannable, Runeterra Unleashed, and WHERE R U emotes on your journey through the pass, while My True Nature, Untamable, and Too Late For Mercy await those who power through the bonus levels at the end.

Little Legends

Potion Sprite (1✰) will fill your HP (and your heart!) from the beginning of the premium pass, while Tower Defense Runespirit (1,2, and 3✰) will bolster your defenses as you progress.



Fill out your Runeterran passport by progressing through the pass to likewise add some iconic locales to your collection with the Fields of Justice, Sands of Shurima, and Touch of the Void arenas!

Complete the pass in its entirety, and you'll have earned a spot in Noxian high command with the Reckoner Arena!


Blast your fallen foe with the signature boom from your favorite Runeterra Reforged region: Judgment of Durand, Noxian Handshake, Praise the Sun Disc, or Void Gate!


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