TFT: The Choncc Dome

The Tournament of Souls? Pfft. Too easy. If you want a real challenge, try surviving the Choncc Dome in Teamfight Tactics!


Start - July 19, 2023 / 15:30 PT
End - August 15, 2023 / 15:00 PT

*Dates and times are subject to change. Always check the in-game schedule for the most accurate information.

The Choncc Dome

Just because the Tournament of Souls is all about 1v1 combat doesn't mean you have to train alone! That's why Choncc has gathered some of the greatest Soul Fighters under one roof—er… dome. So choose a champ and start gettin' swole, Choncc-style!

Soul Fighter Missions

All Choncc Dome champions are available as soon as the event begins, so you'll automatically start chipping away at the first objectives for each champion in the order shown below. Each mission will unlock a narrative beat along with some Soul Fighter Pass XP, and completing all of the missions for a single champion will additionally unlock a special champ emote.

Gwen Missions

Mission Objective(s) Reward
As Many Needles As It Takes Play a game of Teamfight Tactics: Runeterra Reforged. 1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Scissors & Swords Deal 100,000 magic damage. 1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
This Time, Gwen Won't Fail After being on a 4+ losing streak, win combat.
Win 15 training rounds in Soul Brawl.
1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Just the Trick Win 2 combats with a Deathblade, Bloodthirster, or Infinity Edge equipped. 1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
We Studied the Blade Emote

Samira Missions

Mission Objective(s) Reward
Give It Your All Deal 100,000 physical damage. 1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
One Is Not Enough Field 30, 2-star champions equipped with 3 combined items. 1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Earning the S in Skill 3-star 5 champions. 1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Target Practice Place Top 4 in 3 games.
Place Top 4 in Soul Brawl 2 times.
1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Guns Blazing Emote

Lux Missions

Mission Objective(s) Reward
By the Light! Play a game using a Region portal you voted for 1 time. 1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Pickpocket Pondering Collect 50 loot orbs. 1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Let's Light It Up! Win 50 PvP combat rounds.
Earn 500 Soul Power.
1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Shine with Lux Field 3, 5-cost champions at 2 stars.
Play 2 games of Soul Brawl.
1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Luminous Souls Emote

Sett Missions

Mission Objective(s) Reward
Feel the Burn Get a 4+ win streak 10 times.
Play 3 games of Soul Brawl.
1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Bros Bros Bros Field 200 champions. 1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Push Yourself Stun 50 champions. 1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Making Mom Proud Field a Prismatic Trait.
Earn a 250+ Soul Power gift from Gwen or Sett in Soul Brawl.
1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Heroic Brothers Emote

Just remember: These missions give you Soul Fighter Pass XP, which only applies to the event pass listed below. You'll progress separately through the Runeterra Reforged Pass through the Runeterra Reforged missions.

Soul Fighter Pass

Each level unlocks with 1000 Soul Fighter Pass XP, which can be earned exclusively through the missions above. Rewards highlighted in blue are available to all players for free, while those in red can only be redeemed if you've purchased the Soul Fighter Pass.

Milesone Rewards
0 Soul Power Boom ✩
1 20 Treasure Tokens
2 The Way of the Choncc Emote
3 25 Star Shards
4 Soul Static Boom ✩
5 20 Treasure Tokens
6 Soul Power Boom ✩✩
7 25 Star Shards
8 God's Eye Boom ✩
9 20 Treasure Tokens
10 Soul Static Boom ✩✩
11 25 Star Shards
12 Khaat'Sai LL ✩
13 20 Treasure Tokens
14 God's Eye Boom ✩✩
15 50 Star Shards
16 100 Treasure Tokens
17 20 Treasure Tokens
18 Soul Power Boom ✩✩✩
19 Soul Static Boom ✩✩✩
20 God's Eye Boom ✩✩✩


Chibi Champ


Hanging on to your spot in the top four by a thread? Get Chibi Gwen to help you cut through the competition with her custom boom: Snip Snip!!

Chibi Champ Price (RP/TC)
Chibi Gwen (Rare) 1900


Treasure Realms Star Content


Wish Soul Fighter Gwen would stick around to mend your spirits once the Choncc Dome closes its doors? Then spend some Treasure Tokens to try and get Chibi Soul Fighter Gwen (and her custom finisher) through Treasure Realms!

Take home the thrill of the Soul Brawl with the Tournament of Souls Arena!

Soul Brawl Game Mode

Why bother with the Tournament of Souls when you can fight your way through endless tournaments in Soul Brawl?!

The Soul Brawl mode can be selected from the list of game types alongside Double Up, Hyper Roll, Normal and Ranked when you're creating a TFT match.

Soul Crown

Every Soul Brawl participant receives a powerful, game-altering artifact on Stage 1-3: The Soul Crown!

…Okay, technically everybody starts with the Imperfect Soul Crown, so let's start with that.

Imperfect Soul Crown (Training Phase)

The Imperfect Soul Crown can be used to grant a buff to any champion (but only champions—it won't work on summoned units) during the planning phase and can be switched any number of times. The chosen champion gets increased stats and +1 trait bonus to that champion's last-listed, non-unique trait.

In other words, traits that belong to a single champion—like Bel'Veth's Empress, or Heimerdinger's Technogenius—don't count. So if you give the Crown to Bel'Veth (whose traits are listed as Void > Empress), she'll count as +2 Void, +1 Empress. But if you give the crown to Kassadin (whose traits are listed as Void > Bastion), he'll count as +1 Void, +2 Bastion.

This item is already plenty potent, but it only unlocks its true power once you enter the Tournament phase, when it becomes the…

Soul Crown (Tournament Phase)

The Soul Crown has all the benefits of the Imperfect Soul Crown, plus extra stat bonuses

But that's not all! If the Soul Crown'd unit would die, they are instead brought back to life with Health equal to 2x your Soul Power.

How do you get Soul Power in the first place? By Training, of course!

Training Phase

It's time for your Training montage!

You'll spend the first three stages of each Soul Brawl match training, which means you won't lose any HP. Instead, you'll be brawling against other players to build up your Soul Power.

Action Soul Power Gained
Defeat A Champion +1
Win +30
Lose +15

And don't forget to use the Imperfect Soul Crown (detailed above) to crank up your comp to the next level!

Of course, it won't be just players you're facing. You'll also be visited by Gwen and Sett, two veteran Soul Fighters who will reward you based on the amount of Soul Power you've built up. But don't worry if you're struggling in the Soul Power department, as this will only affect the number of options you have at each encounter and not the quality of those options.

  • Low: 2 choices
  • Med: 3 choices
  • High: 4 choices
Stage Payout Soul Power Required
2-5 (Gwen Visit) Component Low: 0–49
Med: 50–99
High: 100+
PvE Boss: Sett Completed Item Low: 0–149
Med: 150–199
High: 200+
3-5 (Gwen Visit) Emblem Low: 0–249
Med: 250–299
High: 300+
PvE Boss: Gwen Radiant Item Low: 0–349
Med: 350–399
High: 400+

Once you've proven your worth by beating Gwen, it's time for the Tournament to begin!

Tournament Phase

But instead of gaining Soul Power or losing health, you'll be fighting your way through a bracket in a series of best-of-three matches. This means you'll always face an opponent at least twice, so be sure to reposition between rounds or risk being out-maneuvered!

The first Tournament matchups are be determined by your Soul Power:

  • 1st vs 8th
  • 3rd vs 6th
  • 4th vs 5th
  • 2nd vs 7th

Win your best-of-three, and you'll face the winner of a different pairing in another best-of-three until you're the last tactician standing. Put it all on the line and emerge as the ultimate Soul Brawler!

Tournament Loot

The longer you survive, the more loot you'll get! Use the gold and items you receive between matchups to take your team to top.

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