TFT - Choncc's Treasure Mode


Choncc will use just about any reason to throw a party, so it's no wonder they're celebrating Teamfight Tactics' last mid-set with a fortune-filled extravaganza!


Start - November 8, 2023 // 3:00pm PT
End - November 20, 2023 // 5:00pm PT

Choncc's Treasure Features

Horizonbound looks like it'll finally reach its destination, and that's a feat worth celebrating.
But wait—is that Choncc? Seems like the next set has an opening act.

Queuing up into Choncc's Treasure comes with the following features:

  • No Legends
  • Certain Portals and Augments disabled for fairness' sake
  • 4-or-5-cost starting champion (same tier for all players)
  • Choncc makes it rain by showering loot orbs after each stage's carousel (3 orbs at stage 1, up to 7 orbs by stage 5)
    • These loot orbs are extra lucky, and can contain things like Ornn (Forge) Items, Tactician Crowns, Tomes of Traits, Champs, and more!
    • They will NOT, however, ever contain Thief's Gloves. There's just not enough room for that!

When you drop below 50 health, you'll get a Golden Orb with even better loot. Time for payback!

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