TFT - Horizonbound Pass FAQ

Jumpstart your journey to the very limits of Horizonbound with the help of a new Horizonbound Pass!

This FAQ is designed to answer all your questions about the Horizonbound Pass, including how it works and what you can earn. For info on everything else, dip into our Horizonbound Overview. Like the Horizonbound set itself, the pass will be available from September 13, 2023 at 11:00AM PT to November 20, 2023 at 11:59PM PT local time.*

*Dates and times are subject to change. Always check the in-game schedule for the most accurate information.

How does the TFT Horizonbound Pass work?

There are two passes: the free Horizonbound Pass, and the premium Horizonbound Pass+. Every player receives the free pass when the set kicks off, and all of their progress is automatically put toward gaining levels and earning rewards. Those looking to get a bit more bang can spend a few bucks and upgrade to the premium pass, which includes everything from the free pass plus a whole dang lot more.

Not sure which pass is right for you? Don’t worry! No matter which one you go with, you’ll be making progress on both at the same pace. That means if you decide to upgrade halfway through the set, you’ll instantly unlock everything from the levels you’ve already cleared.

How much does the premium pass+ cost?

The Horizonbound Pass+ can be purchased for 1,295 RP/TC on PC/mobile respectively.

What comes with each pass?

Glad you asked! Below you'll find everything you can earn on the Horizonbound Pass and Horizonbound Pass+, indicated by color. Remember—if you have the Horizonbound Pass+, you'll have access to everything on the free Horizonbound Pass to boot:

Level Reward XP to Reward Pass Type
0 200 Treasure Tokens 0 Pass+
1 Scuba Sprite 500 Pass
2 Ship of Discovery Arena 500 Pass+
3 50 Star Shards 500 Pass+
4 Serpent Slayer Boom 500 Pass+
5 whoa...dizzy-emote.png
Whoa…Dizzy Emote
500 Pass
6 50 Treasure Tokens 500 Pass+
7 Shadow's Grasp Boom 500 Pass+
8 Stellacorn Lightcharger 500 Pass+
9 50 Treasure Tokens 500 Pass
10 50 Star Shards 500 Pass+
11 Bandle Blast! Boom 500 Pass+
12 50 Star Shards 500 Pass+
13 50 Treasure Tokens 500 Pass
14 Ship of Innovation Arena 500 Pass+
15 Toxic Cloud Boom 500 Pass+
16 50 Treasure Tokens 500 Pass+
17 Serpent Slayer Boom ☆☆ 500 Pass+
18 high-cost-emote.png
High Cost Emote
500 Pass
19 50 Star Shards 500 Pass+
20 Shadow's Grasp Boom ☆☆ 500 Pass+
21 Knife Pup Egg 500 Pass+
22 Bandle Blast! Boom ☆☆ 500 Pass+
23 50 Star Shards 500 Pass+
24 100 Treasure Tokens 500 Pass+
25 50 Treasure Tokens 500 Pass
26 Toxic Cloud Boom ☆☆ 500 Pass+
27 Serpent Slayer Boom ☆☆☆ 500 Pass+
28 50 Star Shards 500 Pass+
29 Ship of Shadows Arena 500 Pass+
30 dogged-emote.png
Dogged Emote
500 Pass
31 50 Star Shards 500 Pass+
32 Bandle Blast! Boom ☆☆☆ 600 Pass+
33 50 Star Shards 600 Pass+
34 50 Treasure Tokens 500 Pass
35 Knife Houng Egg 900 Pass+
36 Shadow's Grasp Boom ☆☆☆ 700 Pass+
37 Toxic Cloud Boom ☆☆☆ 800 Pass+
38 100 Treasure Tokens 800 Pass+
39 Legendary LL Egg 1000 Pass+
40 ill-wait-emote.png
I'll Wait Emote
900 Pass
41 Bilgewater Bay 1000 Pass+
44 En Garde Emote 3000 Pass
45 Allez! Emote 5000 Pass
46 Salute Emote 7500 Pass

Can I upgrade my pass after progressing?

Yes! You can upgrade at any time, and you'll earn everything from previously attained levels.

Does playing League of Legends contribute to TFT Pass progression?

Yup! Even if you never play a single game of TFT during the pass, you'll still earn pass XP every time you play LoL.

Why can't I see my rewards?

If you're playing on a mobile device, it may take a moment for your earned rewards to appear. You can always log on to TFT PC to ensure that you received your earned content. If you're on PC, or you’ve already waited a while on mobile, and you still can't see your rewards, please /submit a ticket at the bottom of this page.

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