Parents of Underage Players FAQ and Contact

This page helps answer some frequent questions that parents of underage players ask, and also provides a form for you to get further help. 

Are these games appropriate for my child? 

Ultimately, it’s up to you, but here are some guidelines.

About in-game content and communication

In-game content: You can refer to the ESRB or PEGI guides to check the age ratings of any games you’re interested in. Most of our games have the Teen rating. For ratings according to more regions, see the IARC.

In-game communication: Most of our games have text and voice chat features, which are meant to help players strategize by discussing game objectives. Although we try to keep a clean chat and crack down on inappropriate player names, we can’t always control what happens in voice and chat comms, which can often be harshly negative, unfortunately. Please show your child how to mute and block players in case of unhelpful comments from teammates: 

Quick note on phishing. Please inform your child that Riot employees will never request info from your child through the client. See Phishing: Don't take the bait

How do I create an account for my child?

Creating an account and installing and playing our game is free. They’ll need their own email address and create a login username and an in-game Summoner Name or Riot ID that should not be their real name. 

Tips for creating an account

To make their account secure, consider the following notes: 

  1. Create their Riot Account on the site: League of Legends/Teamfight Tactics | VALORANT
    • Email: Emails must be unique per Riot Account.
    • Date of Birth: Your child must be the minimum required age for your region (for example, the age of eligibility under GDPR or other region-specific rules).
      Tip: Use their actual birthdate, or if you’re adamant about using a fake date, please write it down for future reference. This info will help them with account recovery later, if they ever lose their account.
    • Username: This will be their login username only (not their fun, creative in-game display name). Do not make the username identifying–in other words, don’t make this their real name. THE LOGIN USERNAME CANNOT BE CHANGED LATER.
    • Password: For better security against account theft, use a lengthy and hard-to-guess password.
  2. After you install and launch the game, create their in-game display name: 
    • Have your child understand and accept the Terms of Service and Code of Conduct
    • You’ll be shown a screen where you create your child’s desired in-game name. This name will be seen by other players. Do not put personally identifying info in the display name–in other words, don’t make this their real name, phone number, email address, and so on
      • For VALORANT and other games, the display name will be their Riot ID
        Note: Riot IDs can be changed for free every 30 days at
      • For League of Legends, the display name will be their Summoner Name.
        Note: Summoner Name changes are possible, but they must be purchased.
  3. For maximum security, also enable two-factor authentication.

You’re all set. GLHF!

Where do I give my parental approval? 

Parental approval is needed only in certain situations on existing accounts, not on new accounts. It will be required if you move to a country that has a stricter minimum age rule that would make your child no longer eligible to control their own account without permission. In many countries, those under 16 years old might need parental approval after moving to a different region.

➡️ Parental Approval Information for Parents

Kids who want to play Riot’s games must meet minimum age requirements for their region during account creation, and cannot bypass the age requirements by using the parental approval form. 

How do I delete my child’s account? 

An account can only be deleted by its owner.

Account Deletions Can Never Be Undone

Due to GDPR privacy laws, once an account is deleted, all of the player's data, purchases, and so on are truly obliterated and gone forever. This policy applies to all Riot Accounts in every region.

Your child can delete their account by using the steps in the following article:

➡️ Deleting Your Riot Account and All Your Data

An alternative to account deletion: If your child might want to access their account someday in the future (e.g., they want to keep their skins and other earned or purchased content), you can help them deactivate it instead:

➡️ Account Deactivation and Deletion FAQ

How parents can contact Riot Games 

If you need further help managing your child’s account, please use the following form.

Important: This form should only be used by parents or legal guardians inquiring about their child’s account. Use of this form for any other reason will result in the ticket automatically closing and you’ll have to resubmit under an appropriate ticket form. 


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