TFTm (mobile) PBE FAQ

TFT Mobile can now join the TFT Public Beta Environment (PBE), allowing mobile mavens to get a sneak peek of incoming patches and help prevent our 1-star bugs from combining into 3-star monsters. 

How to Sign Up for a TFTm PBE Account

Starting October 31, 2023, you'll be able to sign up for the TFTm PBE by following these steps:

  1. Create a PBE account (If you already have one, skip this step) 
  2. Go to the TFT Mobile PBE Sign Up, fill out your info, and submit
  3. Check your email for a message confirming receipt of your application
  4. WAIT

You read step four right: there are limited spots available, so applying does not guarantee acceptance.

Once you receive a second email inviting you to officially join the mobile PBE, follow the instructions in that email and you'll be one your way.

If you don't get an invite to the first TFTm PBE, don't worry—we'll be recruiting new players every patch until we have a steady group of players, after which things may slow down.

Finally, just a quick note that though the PBE can be accessed in all languages, feedback and bug reports will only be available in English. We made this choice with our developers in mind, as most of them speak English and the PBE is meant to be a resource for them to finetune a patch before launch. You're certainly welcome to join the fun if English isn't your primary language or if you live outside of NA, but know that support may be limited and your ping may be high.

Forget Your Password?

No problem! Our Password Recovery Tool will get you sorted in no time.

How to Install the TFTm PBE App

Once you're granted access to the PBE, you'll be emailed a link to download the TFTm PBE app directly from your mobile store of choice. Android users will use Google Play, while iOS users will receive instructions on how to download the Testflight app, which is necessary for playing the TFTm PBE.

Log In Using your PBE Account

Be sure to log into the TFTm PBE App with your PBE Account. If you use your live account, you may encounter this error:

"There is a mismatch in regions between your account and the app you're using. Please make sure that you are using the TFT app available in your mobile store."

If this happens, confirm you're using your PBE Account and try again.

When will the TFTm PBE go live?

The TFTm PBE throws open its doors on November 7, 2023 (PT) in preparation for Set 10.

Different Server, Same Rules

Just because you use a different login for the PBE doesn't mean you should act any differently than the live game. Player reporting is still available, and penalties applied to PBE accounts can carry over to your live account.

Additionally, the same rules about sharing your account (tl;dr: DON'T) apply, so please encourage your curious friends to sign up for a PBE account of their own.

Report a TFTm PBE Bug

You found a bug? GROSS. Tell us all about it through one of the following methods so we can squash it:

  • Use our Bug Reporting Tool in your browser of choice
  • Make a post on the TFT SubReddit or TFT Community Discord
    • If you pick this option, always check for other posts about the same bug first. If you find somebody else has had the same bug, comment in that thread rather than starting a new one. This helps us keep tabs on bugs and track all the different ways they're reproduced.
    • The subreddit is also the best place for any feedback you have about the set.

TFTm PBE Login Queues and Down Time

If too many players try to enter the PBE at once, you may find yourself in a login queue as we make sure the servers can accommodate you all. 

If your spot in the queue doesn't seem to be updating correctly, we may have reached maximum occupancy, and it may be best to try again at a later time.

If you're trying to log on during a designated PBE time and the servers are down, don't panic! We often push updates throughout the day based on your feedback to get everything nice and polished for release. Still, it's hard to say just how long this maintenance may take, so maybe get cozy with a nice beverage before you settle in to slam that refresh button.

"App Not Available" Error

If you're running into an error that reads "App not available - A testing version of this app hasn't been published yet or isn't available for this account," it's likely that the email you're logged into on your mobile device is different from the email you submitted on your PBE application. To fix the issue, select the white box at the top of the same screen as this error, and confirm your email is correct, then reload.

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