Teamfight Tactics: Remix Rumble Act 1


Teamfight Tactics' 10th set is bringing the noise with Remix Rumble Act 1!

Build your band with performers from a variety of musical styles, then place an S-tier soloist front and center to bring it all together. Then hit all the right notes to put on a performance that'll turn even your enemies into fans. Once the world hears your dope beats, "going plat" will be about more than your rank.

Remix Rumble Act 1 Schedule

Start - November 21, 2023 // 11:00 PT
End - January 22, 2024 // 23:59 PT

*Dates and times are subject to change. Always check the in-game schedule for the most accurate information.

Remix Rumble Act 1 Pass

Everyone gets the free Remix Rumble Act 1 Pass automatically on day one of the new set, and you can upgrade to the premium Remix Rumble Act 1 Pass+ for 1295 RP to unlock your earned premium content whenever you want.

Set 10 BP Ticket 1.png

Take a look at the Pass+ Content section below to see some of the things you can unlock with the premium pass, or gather intel for your super squad with our Remix Rumble Pass FAQ to learn how the passes work.

Let's Get Ready to Remix Rumble

You got front row tickets to the big show, and there's a list of performers you won't believe.


Looking to draw a crowd to your comp? Pick up a headliner.

Headliners appear in your shop as 2-star units with a cost to match (For example, a 3-cost Headliner will cost 9 gold, as it’s similar to buying 3 copies for a 2-star). You'll only be able to field a single headliner at a time, but it's worth it for the unique effects they bring to your board—including counting double for one of their traits.

If you haven't purchased a headliner yet, at least one will appear in every shop until you do. After you pick one up, you'll only see headliners in the store once every four shops. Keep your eye on the talent pool in case your headliner doesn't jive with your evolving comp.

Build a Comp, Spin a Track

The musical genres of each trait do more than give your team a bonus—they mesh together to create an organic bop that's unique to your comp. It won't have any effect on gameplay, but it will help you pass that vibe check.

Just make sure your in-game music is turned on, or you won't get so much as a sound check.

Portals Get an Encore

You heard right—portals are back for Remix Rumble, and there are more destinations than ever. Time to take your show all across Runeterra.

Origins and Classes

Remix Rumble's champs are here to drop beats and beatdowns—whatever the situation calls for.


Origin Bonuses

8-bit champions gain 5% Attack Damage and begin keeping score of your team's damage dealt. For each high score you beat, 8-bit champions gain more Attack Damage.

(2) 3.5%
(4) 6%
(6) 10% and unlock a final high score, that when beaten rewards you with a grand prize.


When your team loses 40% of their Health, a Dreadsteed charges onto the battlefield and empowers your Country units. Each Country star level increases its Health and Attack Damage.

(3) Dreadsteed
(5) Midnight Dreadsteed
(7) Infernal Invocation Dreadsteed

Radiant items are upgraded versions of completed items.


Gain a placeable Disco Ball. On combat start, champions next to it gain stacking Attack Speed and are healed for a percentage of their max Health every 3 seconds.

(3) 5% and 2% max
(4) 10% and 3% max
(5) 2 Disco Balls, 15% and 3% max
(6) 20% and 5% max


Use the EDM selector item to sample an EDM champion and see the frequency for each.

At a specific frequency, your EDM champions transform into the sample and cast their Ability with modified effectiveness.

(2) Sample at 80% effectiveness
(3) Sample at 90% effectiveness
(4) Sample at 100% effectiveness and increase frequency 1 second
(5) Sample at 120% effectiveness and increase frequency 2 seconds


Emo champions' Abilities cost less Mana to cast, and they gain Mana whenever an ally dies.

(2) 20% less, gain 10
(4) 25% less, gain 20
(6) 30% less, gain 25, gain 20 AP


Earn Hearts by killing enemies. Gain even more by losing player combat. Every 4 player combats, convert Hearts into powerful rewards!

The number of Hearts you gain increases for each HEARTSTEEL member in play.

(3) 1x Hearts
(5) 2.5x Hearts
(7) 6x Hearts
(9) 10x Hearts, gain rewards every round and keep 80% of your Hearts


Grant Mana and 4 seconds of Attack Speed to their 2 closest allies after casting.

(1) 3 and 10%
(2) 5 and 20%
(3) 7 and 35%
(4) 10 and 60%

ILLBEATS (unique) Gain 2/2/8 placeable Spirit Tentacles, based on Illaoi's star level. Tentacles gain Illaoi's bonus Armor and Magic Resist.

For each non-unique trait active, your team gains bonus Health and deals bonus damage.

(2) 2% , 1% Damage
(3) 3% , 2% Damage
(4) 4% , 3% Damage


Your team gains max Health, Ability Power, and Attack Damage if they are in a lighted hex. K/DA champions gain double!

(3) 10% max
(5) 15% max
(7) 22% max
(10) 50% max, 10 mana per second

Maestro (unique) The Maestro always attacks at a fixed pace, converting 1% bonus Attack Speed into 0.7% Attack Damage.
Mixmaster (unique) Choose a mode that changes the Mixmaster's attacks and Ability!

Pentakill champions deal more damage and take 20% reduced damage. Each time you kill an enemy, a Pentakill champion becomes Empowered and increases their bonus by 50%.

After 5 kills, all of your Pentakill champions are Empowered and your entire team gains 66% Attack Speed for the rest of combat.

(3) 15% bonus damage
(5) 30% bonus damage
(7) 45% bonus damage
(10) 50% damage reduction and 110% bonus damage


Gain bonus Health and Attack Damage. This bonus is increased by 1% each time you spend gold on a Shop refresh.

After Punks fight in combat, your 1st Shop refresh costs 1 gold and grants +3%.

(2) 170 and 17%
(4) 280 and 28%
(6) 420 and 42%

True Damage

True Damage champions deal bonus true damage. If they are holding an item, they gain a unique Bling Bonus for their Ability.

(2) 15% damage
(4) 30% damage
(6) 45% damage
(9) 125% damage, Bling Bonuses go Platinum!


(unique) If you win player combat, Kayn becomes the Shadow Assassin. If not, he becomes Rhaast. You receive a reward based on his form every time he kills 2 enemy champions.

Shadow Assassin: 3 Gold.

Rhaast: 1 Tactician Health.


Class Bonuses
Big Shot

Gain Attack Damage. This bonus is increased by 400% for 3 seconds when Big Shot champions use their Ability.

(2) 10% , 40% after casting
(4) 15% , 60% after casting
(6) 25% , 100% after casting

Breakout (unique) Akali is a member of K/DA or True Damage depending on which trait has more fielded champions. She gains a different Ability depending on which form she takes.

Your team gains 100 Health. Bruisers gain bonus max Health.

(2) 20% max
(4) 40% max
(6) 80% max

Crowd Diver

Deal bonus damage, plus 1% more each second.

When Crowd Divers die, they jump on the furthest enemy, dealing 300 magic damage to them and Stunning enemies within 1 hex for 1.5 seconds.

(2) 5% bonus damage
(4) 30% bonus damage
(6) 70% bonus damage


Dazzlers' Abilities reduce their target's damage by 15% and deal bonus magic damage over 2 seconds.

(2) 20% magic damage
(4) 60% magic damage
(6) 100% magic damage


Gain Attack Speed. When their target drops below 50% Health, double the Attack Speed gained. Melee Edgelords also slash through them on their next attack.

(3) 25%
(5) 45%
(7) 70%


Executioner Abilities can critically strike and they gain Critical Strike Damage. Their Critical Strike Chance is increased based on their target's missing Health.

(2) 15%, up to 15%
(4) 30%, up to 35%
(6) 45%, up to 55%


Once per combat at 50% Health, Guardians shield themselves and their closest ally for a percent of their max Health.

(2) 30%
(4) 50%
(6) 70%


Gain Attack Speed and Omnivamp (healing for a percentage of damage dealt), increased by up to 100% more based on their missing Health.

(2) 20% , 10% Omnivamp
(4) 30% , 15% Omnivamp
(6) 50% , 20% Omnivamp


Your units gain 10% Attack Speed.

Rapidfire units gain more every time they attack.

(Up to 10 stacks)

(2) 4%
(4) 7%
(6) 12%


Your team gains Armor and Magic Resist. Sentinels gain double.

(2) 16 , 16
(4) 35 , 35
(6) 60 , 60
(8) 125 , 125


Your units gain 15 Ability Power. Spellweavers gain more.

Whenever a Spellweaver casts, all Spellweavers gain Ability Power.

(3) +20 , +1 per cast
(5) +35 , +1 per cast
(7) +60 , +2 per cast
(10) +120 , +10 per cast


Superfans improve your Headliner!

(3) Headliner gets a completed item
(4) Headliner gets +250 Health and +15% Omnivamp
(5) Item upgrades to radiant

Omnivamp: Heal for percentage of damage dealt

Ranked Info

A new set means a new Ranked climb, now featuring a new level of glam for you to attain: Emerald! 

Ranked Remix

Remix Rumble riffs on all of TFT's fundamentals—including the Ranked system.

Ranked Season Length

Starting with Remix Rumble, Ranked seasons will last four months instead of three. Plenty of time to climb the charts to number one.

New Emerald Tier

Forget getting your album to Platinum—don't stop until you reach Emerald, a new tier that sits snugly between Platinum and Diamond.

Ranked Reset

The time has finally come for our hard-won ranks to drop down, all so we can hard-win them all over again! Why, you ask? Well, we know that for a lot of you, climbing that ladder is the most exciting part of the game. We want to give everyone a fresh ranked experience with each new set, and a hard reset will allow for just that!

So, what does that mean for your rank from Horizonbound? 


If you climbed all the way to Master or above, you’ll start at Bronze IV. If you hit Diamond I, you’ll start your climb from Iron I. Everyone else is starting at Iron II.

Hyper Roll

So what about Hyper Roll? This one’s easy: Everyone, regardless of placement in the last set, is starting at Gray Tier (500).

Double Up

Much like Hyper Roll, everyone starts out at the same place regardless of where they placed in the last set. For Double Up, everyone starts at Iron II.

Provisional Games

After the set kicks off, everybody who plays ranked will start with five provisional placement games. During those games, you won’t lose any LP for finishing in the bottom 4, and you’ll earn extra LP for placing in the top 4—or top 2 for Double Up.

Ranked Rewards

Welcome to the horizon! Yep, you finally made it—which I guess makes sense, since you've been Horizonbound for months now. So… What's next? Well, how about you chill to some sick beats while we distribute these rewards throughout the release of Remix Rumble?


Before anything else we want to reward everybody who hit gold or higher! If you accomplished this feat in just one part of the set, you'll get Victorious Bellswayer little legend (left). But getting gold in BOTH parts?! That's a Triumphant Bellswayer (right) level achievement!


Standard Ranked

Place Gold or higher in Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound and you'll be able to style on your opponents with a special Ranked emote.


Hyper Roll

Achieving Green, Blue, Purple, or Hyper tier will earn you an emote featuring TFT's most radiant alicorn, the Lightcharger.


Double Up!

Teamwork makes the dream work—especially if that dream is claiming ranked rewards in Double Up! Climb to gold or higher in Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound, and you'll get one of the following emotes to show everybody who's leader of the pack.



If you want to earn XP and unlock those sweet Remix Rumble Act 1 Pass rewards, completing missions will help you stay on tempo.

Weekly Missions

With as many missions as there are regions, Runeterra's weekly offerings will always give you a reason to visit!

Weeks 1, 3, 5, and 7

Mission Objective XP
First Gig After being on a 4+ losing streak, win a combat. 200
The Baddest Field K/DA and win a PvP combat round. 200
Loot Scalper Collect 50 loot orbs. 400
Concert Swag Collect 10 items from armory anvils. 400

Weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8

Mission Objective XP
Sound Check Reroll the shop 15+ times in one game. 200
Crossover Champion Collaboration Field a team with 5+ active traits. 200
Power Chords Build 5 completed items in one game. 400
Melody Master 2-star 5 champions in one game. 400

Remix Rumble Act 1 Missions

These thematic missions can be completed only once. Some of them have two different objectives that must both be completed, but we promise the XP payout at the end is worth the extra effort.

Mission Objective XP
Get the Party Started

Play a match of Teamfight Tactics: Remix Rumble

This mission must be completed before any others.

ReMixing Items Build items using two of the same components 5 times in one game. 400
Pop/Stars 2-Star 20 champions. 400
Battle of the Bands Field both Pentakill and Punk at the same time. 400
Clashing Tastes Field both Country and Hyperpop at the same time. 400
Rock and Reroll Reroll 20 Augments. 400
Band Tryouts Claim a 3+ cost champion from a carousel 5 times. 600
Demo Reel Get 5 - 5-round win streaks. 600
Rhythm Rumble Win 25 PvP combat rounds. 600
Dance Off Field both K/DA and True Damage at the same time. 600
Take Over Field 8+ champions 600
True-ish Damage Deal 25,000 true damage. 600
Hit Single Have a unit deal 6000 damage in one round. 800
Collect Royalties Have 40+ gold when entering Stage 4-5 in 2 games.
Have 50+ gold when entering the combat phase 3 times.
Climbing the Charts Get 2 10-round win streaks.
Level up 20 times.
Going Platinum Place 1st in a game.
Win 2 games (Place 1st-4th, or 1st-2nd in Double Up).

Store Content

Little Legends

In keeping with Rumble Remix's penchant for new spins on classic favorites, many of this set's little legends are familiar friends trying to start their own bands! Like…

Umbra, who's plucking their fiery guitar licks in a variety of musical styles,


Ao Shin on rhythm guitar,


And Choncc, the baron of bass!


Chibi Champions

With a full-blown battle of the bands raging every round, Chibi Sett is the only one who can punch his way through all this noise.


Of course, if a little more subtlety is in order, Chibi Akali is also bringing her ninja skills to the show.


Unlocking Tacticians

Specific variations of this set's little legends are available for direct purchase, but they can also be obtained randomly through Treasure Realms.

Direct Purchase Tacticians

Slow Burn Umbra 1✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Pentakill Umbra 1✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Emo Umbra 1✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Disco Umbra 1✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Mixmaster Ao Shin 1✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Emo Ao Shin 1✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Disco Ao Shin 1✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Mixmaster Choncc 1✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Pentakill Choncc 1✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Disco Choncc 1✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Scratch (Epic) 2500 RP/TC
Chibi Sett (Rare) 1900 RP/TC
Chibi Akali (Rare) 1900 RP/TC

Treasure Realms Content

Treasure Realms hits the airwaves with fresh new Star Content listed below.



Vocals? Check. Muscles? Check. Drip? BIG CHECK. When it comes to Chibi HEARTSTEEL Sett, our hearts are as good as stolen.


Chibi K/DA All Out Akali


You look like you could use some more. You know she's got it, and she's never runnin' low~ Chibi K/DA All Out Akali is powersliding into Remix Rumble!

K/DA in the Convergence Arena


K/DA in the convergence? An event of such mythical proportions deserves a Mythic tier arena!

Chibi HEARTSTEEL Sett, Chibi K/DA All Out Akali, and K/DA in the Convergence Arena are included in the current Treasure Realms star content on Remix Rumble's release, but keep an eye on Treasure Realms to see when they go on tour elsewhere.

Star Shards

130 Star Shards 650 RP/TC
520 Star Shards 2,500 RP/TC
1,040 Star Shards 5,000 RP/TC


Remix Rumble Act 1 Pass+ 1,295 RP/TC


Mixmaster Bundle Scratch LL, Get Caked Boom, Remix Rumble Act 1 Pass+, 200 Treasure Tokens, 200 Star Shards 6295 RP/TC
Boba Bundle Boba Sprite LL, Boba Blast Boom 1300 RP/TC
Choncc's Welcome Choncc 1✰ LL, 100 Star Shards 130 RP/TC

Remix Rumble Act 1 Pass+ Content

Leveling up the premium Remix Rumble Act 1 Pass+ will earn you all of the following rewards, as well as the emotes and eggs contained in the free pass. To see everything you’ll unlock and at what levels, check out the Remix Rumble Act 1 Pass FAQ.


You'll earn the Headin Out, Fawning, On Mute, and The Boss emotes when you give the pass a complete listen, while Approaching Challenger, Cake Throw, and Victory Jump await those who power through the B-Side at the end.

Little Legends

Superfan Sprite (1✰) will be there right when the regular pass throws open its doors, while DJ Gloop (1✰) drops the beat in Pass+.



Drop into the K/DA Practice Room to see where the magic happens, or take the spotlight yourself on the Neon Stage!

KDA-Practice-Room-Arena.PNGNeonClub Marketing.PNG


Bop your opponent straight off the track with one of these rhythmic booms: Disco Drop and Ba Dum Tss

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