TFT Lunar New Year 2024 Event


If you think Rumble Remix's beats are out-of-this-world, then buckle in for a stellar trip to the past with Teamfight Tactic's Lunar Festival 2024 Event!

TFT Lunar Festival 2024 Schedule

Start - January 24, 2024 // 5:00pm PT
End - February 20, 2024 // 5:00pm PT

The TFT Lunar Festival 2024 Pass and the Set 3.5 Revival: Galaxies game mode will both be available while the event is live, so explore the cosmos and claim your rewards before they explode into stardust.

Set 3.5 Revival: Galaxies Game Mode

Remix Rumble's awesome ability to give old hits new life has reverberated throughout the Convergence, rewinding us all the way back to the days of Galaxies Stage II: Return to the Stars! Take an interstellar road trip down memory lane with classic cosmic mechanics enhanced by all of TFT's modern features in the time-limited Set 3.5 Revival: Galaxies game mode.

Time-Warped Tacticians

Get these classic tacticians before they jump back into hyperspace when the event ends!

  • Lightcharger
  • Crystal Lightcharger
  • Sugarcone Lightcharger
  • Black Mist Lightcharger
  • High Noon Lightcharger


  • Nixie
  • Mermaid Nixie
  • Rosebloom Nixie
  • Extra Spicy Nixie
  • Vampire Nixie


  • (Original/Base) Bellswayer
  • Sugar Rush Bellswayer
  • Thunderstorm Bellswayer
  • Black Mist Bellswayer
  • Yuletide Bellswayer


While your true objective is simply to enjoy the Lunar New Year, these missions will help you achieve that goal by earning Lunar Festival Pass Rewards.

The first mission of each set is available at the start of the event with subsequent missions unlocking one-per-set every week. Missions must be completed in order within a set, but progress can be made across sets at the same time.

Most missions can be completed in any TFT game mode, but a few—which are marked below—require you to play Set 3.5 Revival: Galaxies.

Finally, these missions only apply to the Lunar Festival Pass, and do not count towards the Remix Rumble Act 2 Pass. You can still make progress on both passes at once, but the Pass XP Gold earned in these missions will only help unlock the Lunar Festival Pass Content listed at the bottom of the page.

Set 1

Mission Objective Reward
Year of the Dragon Play a match of Set 3.5 Revival: Galaxies 1000 Pass XP Gold
Wishing Good Health Heal 30000 damage dealt to champions 1000 Pass XP Gold
No Luck Needed Place Top 4 in 2 Set 3.5 Revival: Galaxies games
Place Top 4 in 4 games
1000 Pass XP Gold
Captive Audience Spend 50 Meeps (in Set 3.5 Revival: Galaxies)
Field a 5-cost champion 16 times
1000 Pass XP Gold

Set 2

Mission Objective Reward
Continued Success Win 25 PvP combat rounds 1000 Pass XP Gold
Spending Spree Reroll the shop 50 times
Level up 14 times
1000 Pass XP Gold
Hitting Goals Win combat rounds while fielding Sniper 10 times (in Set 3.5 Revival: Galaxies)
Deal 40,000 physical damage
1000 Pass XP Gold
Building Wealth Have 50+ gold when entering a combat phase, 6 times
Have 40+ gold when entering stage 4-5 in 2 games
1000 Pass XP Gold

Set 3

Mission Objective Reward
Dragon's Breath Deal 30,000 magic damage 1000 Pass XP Gold
Hold the Line Field Rebel 10 times (in Set 3.5 Revival: Galaxies)
Field a team with 5+ active traits 20 times
1000 Pass XP Gold
Starcrossed Champions 2-star 10 3+ cost champions
3-star 5 2+ cost champions
1000 Pass XP Gold
New Year Preparations Build items using 2 of the same components 10 times
Reroll 15 Augments
1000 Pass XP Gold

Set 4

Mission Objective Reward
Festive Gathering Field 2-star+ champions with 4 items 15 times
Field 7+ champions 20 times
1000 Pass XP Gold
Manifesting Power 2-star 45 champions 1000 Pass XP Gold
Lucky Findings Collect 150 loot orbs 1000 Pass XP Gold
Strength in Numbers Stun 60 champions
Field a champion with 2000+ health 20 times
1000 Pass XP Gold

Lunar Festival Pass

Both the moon and your fortune are waxing with this prize-filled pass!

You'll make progress through both the free Lunar Festival Pass and earn its rewards by achieving the missions listed above, but you'll have to purchase the premium Lunar Festival 2024 Pass+ to unlock its bounty.

Level Reward XP Required
0 200 Treasure Tokens 0
1 20 Treasure Tokens 1000
2 20 Star Shards 1000
3 Golden Koi (Boom) 1000
4 20 Treasure Tokens 1000
5 20 Star Shards 1000
6 Firecracker Rollout (boom) 1000
7 Prancie Dance emote 1000
8 20 Star Shards 1000
9 Lantern Prancie (tactician) 1000
10 20 Treasure Tokens 1000
11 20 Star Shards 1000
12 Make It Rain (boom) 1000
13 20 Treasure Tokens 1000
14 20 Star Shards 1000
15 Prancie's Retreat (arena) 1000
16 20 Treasure Tokens 1000
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