Teamfight Tactics - Inkborn Fables: Chapter 1

inkborn-fables-splash.jpgDeliver your masterstroke one reroll at a time in Teamfight Tactics' Inkborn Fables: Chapter 1.

Inkborn Fables: Chapter 1 Dates

Start - March 20, 2024 // 11:00 PT
Chapter 1 End - May 28, 2024 // 23:59 PT

*Dates and times are subject to change. Always check the in-game schedule for the most accurate information.

Inkborn Fables: Chapter 1 Passes

Everyone gets the free Inkborn Fables: Chapter 1 Pass automatically on day one of the new set, and you can upgrade to the premium Inkborn Fables: Chapter 1 Pass+ for 1295 RP to unlock your earned premium content whenever you want.

Set 11 BP Ticket Final.png

Take a look at the Pass+ Content section below to see some of the things you can unlock with the premium pass.

Close Encounters of the Spirit Kind

The barrier between the Convergence and the Spirit Realm has faded, allowing powerful spirits to slip into your match and influence the game.

You'll run into these spirits about 2–5 times each game, and always within the first 6 rounds. Each Encounter is shared across all players, giving everybody an equal opportunity to alter the course of their match.

Each spirit's power varies as much as their effects. Some visit players individually with a few items to offer, while more potent beings can alter the fundamental way your match works. If you're curious what path another player took, you can select their Encounter panel while scouting them. Spirits are also elusive creatures, so you'll never encounter the same spirit multiple times in a single match.

Take advantage of these chance meetings to twist your threads of fate into a more auspicious pattern!

Inkborn Fables Traits

SB Ahri.pngHwei.pngBard.png
Born in myth, forged in legend—Inkborn Fables's champions are like something out of a fairy tale.

Inkborn Fables Classes

Class Bonus
Altruist Altruists heal the lowest Health ally for a percentage of the damage they deal. Your team gains Armor and Magic Resist.
Arcanist Arcanists gain Ability Power and grant Ability Power to all allies.

The Artist paints the champion you place in a special bench slot. Get a 1-star copy of that champion placed there when the Artist's work is complete.

Rounds to Complete = Unit Cost.

Behemoth Behemoths gain increased Armor and Magic Resist. Whenever a Behemoth dies, the nearest Behemoth gains 50% more for a few seconds.

Your team gains extra maximum Health. Bruisers gain additional maximum Health.

At prismatic, every few seconds Bruisers deal a percent of their health as bonus damage on their next attack.


Duelists gain Attack Speed on each attack, stacking up to 12 times.

At prismatic, Duelists also take reduced damage.

Invoker Every few seconds, your units gain Mana. Invokers get more Mana at later tiers.

(2) Reapers' Abilities can critically strike and they gain increased Critical Strike Chance.

(4) And Reapers' attacks and Abilities bleed enemies for bonus true damage over a short time.

Sage Combat start: Allies in the front 2 rows gain Omnivamp. Allies in the back 2 rows gain Ability Power.

Innate: Snipers gain Attack Range.

Snipers deal bonus damage based on the distance to their target.

Trickshot Trickshots' abilities ricochet. Each ricochet deals a percentage of the previous bounce's damage.
Warden Wardens take less damage. For the first few seconds of combat, they take even less damage.

Inkborn Fables Origins

Origin Bonus

After 8 seconds of combat, the Dragon strikes the board, dealing true damage to enemies and granting all allies Attack Speed for the rest of combat.

Stuns at higher tiers.

Dryad Dryads gain bonus Ability Power and Health. Each enemy death grants additional Health.

Your team gains bonus damage, plus more based on your level.

After combat, store XP in a Soul Core. Sell the Core to claim the XP.

Each game a different set of units is Exalted.

Fated Hover and drop one Fated unit over another to form a pair and unlock a Fated Bonus that increases at higher tiers.

When you lose a fight, gain Luck. The more fights in a row you lose, the more Luck you get.

Each Festival, roll a new die.


Upon dealing or taking damage a certain number of times, Ghostly units send 2 spectres to haunt nearby enemies and heal max Health every few seconds.

Haunted enemies take bonus damage for each specter on them, and pass the spectres on death.

Great Every 3 casts, Wukong grows his weapon, modifying his abilities.

Heavenly units grant a unique stat to your team, increased by their star level. Heavenly units get more.

Higher star champions get a bonus boost.

Inkshadow Gain unique Inkshadow items. Inkshadow units gain bonus damage and damage reduction.

Change which Lover takes the field depending on whether they are placed in the front or back two rows. When the fielded Lover casts, the other provides a bonus effect.

Front: Altruist Rakan
Back: Trickshot Xayah


Mythic champions gain Health, Ability Power, and Attack Damage.

After 4 player combats, they become Epic, increasing the bonus.

Porcelain After casting, Porcelain champions boil, gaining Attack Speed and taking less damage for a short time.
Spirit Walker The first time the Spirit Walker drops below a certain Health threshold, he unleashes the rage within, healing to full Health, gaining increased Movement Speed, and changing his ability from Ram Slam to Tiger Strikes.

Storyweavers summon a Hero named Kayle and evolve her.

Evolutions grant different effects at different tiers and bonus health to allies.

Each Storyweaver star level increases Kayle's Health and Ability Power, and she gets bonus Attack Speed for each game Stage..


The moon illuminates certain hexes, shielding units placed in them for a percentage of their max Health at the start of combat.

Illuminated Umbral units additionally execute low Health enemies.

At higher levels, the number of hexes increases and executed enemies have a chance to drop loot.

Ranked Info

A new Ranked season has begun, and with it comes the chance to become just as legendary as the champions of this set.

Ranked Reset

The time has finally come for our hard-won ranks to drop down, all so we can hard-win them all over again. Why, you ask? Well, we know that for a lot of you, climbing that ladder is the most exciting part of the game. We want to give everyone a fresh ranked experience with each new set, and a hard reset will allow for just that.

So, what does that mean for your rank from Remix Rumble: Act 2? 


If you climbed all the way to Master or above, you’ll start at Bronze IV. If you hit Diamond I, you’ll start your climb from Iron I. Everyone else is starting at Iron II.

Hyper Roll

So what about Hyper Roll? This one’s easy: Everyone, regardless of placement in the last set, is starting at Gray Tier (500).

Double Up

Much like Hyper Roll, everyone starts out at the same place regardless of where they placed in the last set. For Double Up, everyone starts at Iron II.

Provisional Games

After the set kicks off, everybody who plays ranked will start with five provisional placement games. During those games, you won’t lose any LP for finishing in the bottom 4, and you’ll earn extra LP for placing in the top 4—or top 2 for Double Up.

Ranked Rewards

After the Remix Rumble Act 2 encore, our beat-filled tour has finally come to an end—which means it's time to get your rhythmic rewards throughout the release of Inkborn Fables: Chapter 1!


The concert might be over, but everybody who hit gold or higher can continue their enthralling performance with the elegant Victorious Melisma little legend. 



Place Gold or higher in Remix Rumble: Act 2, and Heartsteel Sett will help you show your enemies just who they're dealing with:


Hyper Roll

Achieve Green, Blue, Purple, or Hyper tier, and you'll get a boppin' emote featuring DJ Choncc:


Double Up

Teamwork makes the dream work—especially if that dream is claiming ranked rewards in Double Up. Climb to gold or higher in Remix Rumble: Act 2, and K/DA will help you celebrate:



Complete these missions to earn XP and make those mystical Inkborn Fables: Chapter 1 Pass rewards into something more tangible.

Weekly Missions

Every week promises a new set of missions to help you paint the perfect picture of triumph.

Weeks 1, 3, 5, and 7

Mission Objective XP
Blending Champions 2-Star 40 champions. 400
Painted Pain Deal 50000 Magic damage. 600
Picking a Pallet Play a game using a portal you voted for. 400
Blue Moon Field Umbral at the Silver trait level in a game. 600
Missing Page Have a unit deal 10,000+ damage in one round.
3-Star 4 champions in a single match.

Weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8

Mission Objective XP
Shopkeepers Surplus Collect 75 loot orbs. 400
Brewing Tea Transform 25 enemy champions into teapots. 600
Rolling in Wins Win 20 PvP combat rounds. 400
Blue Monarch Build 5 completed items using a Tear of the Goddess. 600
Hidden Treasure Field 11+ units.
Spend 300 gold in a single game.

Inkborn Fables: Chapter 1 Missions

These thematic missions can be completed only once.

Mission Objective XP
Unravel the Scrolls

Play a match of Teamfight Tactics: Inkborn Fables

This mission must be completed before any others.

Hero's Journey Level up 12 times. 200
Taking Notes Scout other players' fields in 3 games.  400
Thrown into the Void Sell 50 champions. 200
Hexpensive Management Reroll the shop 25+ times in a single game.
Purchase 50 champions.
Brush It Off Heal 15000 health points across all champions 200
Exalted One Field Exalted 5 times. 400
True Artistry Deal 25,000 True damage. 200
Library of Traits Field a team with 6+ active traits 5 times. 400
Hyper Focused Get 3 5-round win streaks. 400
Elder Parchments Select and equip 8 effects from the Storyweaver traits for Kayle. 400
Shredding Scrolls Deal 40,000 Physical damage. 400
Ghost Writer Field both Ghostly and Storyweaver together 5 times. 600
Test of Time Have 35+ health at stage 4-5. 600
Ornn's Apprentice Build 40 completed items.
Build items using two of the same components 20 times.
Freljordian Craftsmanship Build a Tactician's Crown. 800
Mysterious Meetings Meet 20 Encounters while playing Inkborn Fables. 800
Encountering Victories Place 1st 2 times
Place in the top 4 5 times

Store Content

Little Legends

The Spirit Realm isn't home to just majestic greater spirits—a lot of lesser, weirder little guys live there, too. Such as…

Six legs, four ears, zero eyes…Hundun's as odd as they are adorable.

Dowsie's an absolute natural when it comes to adapting to new environments, and the Spirit Realm is no exception.

Chibi Champions

It truly is a mercy to get taken out by Chibi Morgana's Soul Shackles boom.chibi-morgana.jpg

Unlocking Tacticians

Specific variations of this set's little legends are available for direct purchase, but they can also be obtained randomly through Treasure Realms.

Direct Purchase Tacticians

Hundun 1✰ (Rare) 750 RP/TC
Blooming Hundun 1✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Twin Spirit Hundun 1✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Shan Hai Scrolls Dowsie 1✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Spirit Blossom Akana Dowsie 1✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Immortal Journey Dowsie 1✰ (Epic) 925 RP/TC
Chibi Morgana (Rare) 1900 RP/TC


Treasure Realms Content

Even Treasure Realms is getting a visit from the denizens of the Spirit Realm.

Chibi Majestic Empress Morgana

Whether on their own or imprisoned by her shackles, all will kneel before the empress.

Chibi Spirit Blossom Ahri

It hardly feels fair that a chibi champ already popping with otherworldly charm should somehow become even more magically cute, but here we are.

Heaven's Celestial Court Arena

Somewhere between sky and sea, night and day, the Celestial Court is in session—and you're the emperor.

Chibi Spirit Blossom Ahri and Heaven's Celestial Court Arena are included in the current Treasure Realms star content on Inkborn Fables's release, but keep an eye on Treasure Realms to see when they return to the Spirit Realm.

Star Shards

130 Star Shards 650 RP/TC
520 Star Shards 2,500 RP/TC
1,040 Star Shards 5,000 RP/TC



Inkborn Fables: Chapter 1 Pass+ 1,295 RP/TC



Bundle Content Cost
Majestic Empress Bundle Chibi Morgana
Soul Shackles Boom
Majestic Empress Soul Shackles Boom
Inkborn Fables: Chapter 1 Pass+ 
5695 RP/TC


Inkborn Fables: Chapter 1 - Pass+ Content

Leveling up the premium Inkborn Fables: Chapter 1 Pass+ will earn you all of the following rewards, as well as the emotes other goodies contained in the free pass.

Below you'll find everything you can earn on the Inkborn Fables: Chapter 1 Pass and Inkborn Fables: Chapter 1 Pass+, indicated by color. Remember—if you have the Inkborn Fables: Chapter 1 Pass+, you'll have access to everything on the free Inkborn Fables: Chapter 1 Pass to boot:

Level Reward XP to Reward
0 200 Treasure Tokens 0
1 Ink Sprite LL  1000
2 Shades of Sky Arena 1000
3 50 Star Shards 1000
4 Bamboo Shoots Boom 1000
5 50 Star Shards 1000
6 Ink Squink LL 1000
7 50 Treasure Tokens 1000
8 50 Treasure Tokens 1000
9 50 Star Shards 1000
10 its-art-emote.png
11 50 Treasure Tokens 1000
12 Fans of a Feather Boom 1000
13 50 Star Shards 1000
14 50 Treasure Tokens 1000
15 100 Treasure Tokens 1000
16 token-of-appreciation-emote.png
Token of Appreciation
17 50 Star Shards 1000
18 All Seeing Hundun LL 1000
19 50 Star Shards 1000
20 moonbeam-blast-emote.png
Moonbeam Blast
21 50 Star Shards 1000
22 Spirit Blossom Akana Dowsie LL 1000
23 100 Treasure Tokens 1000
24 50 Star Shards 1000
25 100 Treasure Tokens 1000
26 im-good-emote.png
I'm Good Emote
27 Nebulous Hundun LL 1000
28 100 Treasure Tokens 1000
29 100 Star Shards 1000
30 Dreams of Earth Arena 1000
31 test-me-emote.png
Test Me Emote
32 ready-to-strike-emote.png
Ready to Strike Emote
33 within-my-grasp-emote.png
Within My Grasp Emote

Little Legends

Ink Sprite (1✰) makes a splash right when you jump into the pass, while Ink Squink (1✰) delivers their masterstroke at Level 6 of Pass+.




You'll earn the IT'S ART, Token of Appreciation, Moonbeam Blast, and I'm Good emotes as you work your way through the Pass, while Test Me, Ready to Strike, and Within My Grasp await only the most diligent painters at the very end of the Pass.


If you want mythical backdrops to accompany your legendary battles, then you'll need to purchase the Pass+ to add Shades of Sky and Dreams of Earth to your portfolio.



Paint your opponents into a corner one of these vibrant booms: Bamboo Shoots and Fans of a Feather.


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