TFT, the Mobile Soft Launch, and You!

The time of Riot's foray onto mobile is finally here! With the dawn of Teamfight Tactics Mobile finally rising, it's time to talk about the Mobile Soft Launch, what it means, and how it will affect your gaming experience moving forward. Though TFT Mobile is only launching in certain countries to start, soon it will be in the hands of millions of players! Neat. For now, this FAQ should answer any questions you may have.

What exactly is a Mobile Soft Launch?

A Mobile Soft Launch is a bit like a beta. We want to get our game into your hands to start getting all your valuable feedback. That means that certain countries will get access to the game early as we continue to improve functionality and roll out (and test out) various features.

For the Mobile Soft Launch, some features are still being tweaked to perfection, so you may see a few things missing if you're within a soft-launch country. Don't worry, though. The game will be constantly improved as we move closer to the wider release. 

Some features that will be added later in the app include:

  • The Store
  • Mission Progress
  • Match History

Since the game is completely cross-platform, however, you can still access these features on your PC and change-up your loadout. That way, when you hop into TFT Mobile, it'll be just how you left it.

Will there be any differences between TFT Mobile and TFT on my PC?

The goal of TFT Mobile is to eventually provide an experience that feels similar between your handheld device and your computer (that means that you'll be playing with both mobile and computer players together!) While the layout will be slightly altered to better suit a wide range of screen sizes, you can expect to enjoy a truly cross-platform gameplay experience as we move closer to the wider release.

When will TFT Mobile be out in my region?

Teamfight Tactics will be making its way out to the big, wide world in 2020.

Want to learn more about TFT Mobile?

If you're ready to pre-register for your Android device, or you're curious as to when TFT will be coming to iOS, or to your region, be sure to sign up here.

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