Patch Schedules and How They Affect TFT & TFTm

Teamfight Tactics is here, and by here we mean on PC and Mobile! With our first cross-platform experience ready to grace multiple devices, it's important we touch on everyone's favorite subject: the patch schedule. 

You know that a new patch means new things! From bug fixes to brand new Little Legends, patches are meant to improve your in-game experience. However, since TFT has historically been tied to League of Legends, it's important to touch on the fact that Mobile will be patching a bit differently than its PC counterpart.

PC will patch for League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics every two weeks, where the patch will roll out across the LoL regions over the span of a few days. On that first day, Mobile will also roll out a patch. However, where LoL's and PC TFT's patches will be going live across several days, the Mobile patch is available across all eligible regions at once.

Because we don't want to force an update arbitrarily, updating won't be required right away. While this is the best case scenario across all devices, that does mean there could be one version of the game on your phone and a different one on your PC. This just means that when you play the older version, you'll only be playing with other players who haven't updated yet.

Once the PC TFT patch has been successfully deployed across all regions, there will be a forced patch because at that point, everyone will have access to the same version of the game, regardless of device.

If there's a REALLY big update, there is a chance there will be a mandatory update at later date for your mobile device.

The tl;dr is that we recommend updating the app whenever you get the chance.

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