Known Issues in TFT Mobile

As we enter the Mobile Soft Launch for TFT, we know that errors are a part of life. As we work through all the bugs buzzing around, we thought we'd compile a list of potential issues and fixes to get you back in-game as soon as possible.

I'm stuck on a loading screen

If you've lost your internet connection before signing in with your Riot Account, you may end up stuck on a white loading screen.
Solution? Completely close and restart the App. If that doesn't work, we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the app. 

The login button didn't appear

If you don't see the login button, you may have connected to your network after the screen loaded.
Solution? Force close and restart the app once you're securely connected to the internet.

The app doesn't enter the Tutorial immediately

After tapping the Start button, there may be a bit of a lag before the Tutorial starts. While there isn't a fix for this, the Tutorial should start relatively shortly.

I was kicked back to the Login screen

Sometimes, when the network disconnects, it can push you back to the login screen.
Solution? If this happens, just force restart the app!

A player wasn't on the End of Game stats screen

This is a visual error, and while we are working on resolving it, rest assured all players' progress will still be accounted for.

I don't see the issue I encountered here

If you've experienced an issue that isn't represented here, or the solutions provided did not fix the issue at hand, please Submit a Ticket below. You can also check out troubleshooting your Android device here.

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