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The universe is infinite, and while the changes we're making to Set 3 of TFT aren't quite that expansive, we're pretty stoked for some cosmic shakeups coming your way. Starting on March 18th, 2020 at 10:00 AM (PT), Galaxies will be making its star-studded debut, and with it comes a whole new Battle Pass. If you're curious to hear more about the changes we're making, and why, be sure to check out the /dev post. You can also learn more about everything from new Origins to Booms over on our main Galaxies FAQ here

So what's changing?


Orb of Enlightenment, Missions, and Experience

Say goodbye to the Orb of Enlightenment and hello to a flat amount of XP. Each game of TFT will set you down the path of progress regardless of which Pass you hold. Missions, in turn, have been given an overhaul as well. Each week you'll receive 3 new missions with each one worth 200 XP.

Two Ways to Battle Pass

We mentioned how gigantic the galaxy is, and so too are the ways you can play TFT (and by gigantic, we mean, well...two ways, but that's still more than one!) Set 3 introduces the concept of both a free and paid version of the Battle Pass.

New Hub


New galaxy, new hub! Your missions are docking in the top right-hand corner and both the Galaxies Pass and the Galaxies Pass+ road are nice and visible. You'll see how close you are to the next level right above the Pass itself. 

Galaxies Pass

If you've been playing TFT for a while, you're already familiar with the Battle Pass. As you play, you'll gain experience which unlocks cool stuff! Now that there are two passes, everything within the Galaxy Pass will be marked as free. This includes things like icons and emotes, but also Little Legends (look at Fuwa. How cute is she?!)

Galaxies Pass+

The Galaxies Pass+ can be purchased for 1350 RP on PC, while the cost on your mobile device will be adjusted by region. Boards, booms, and Little Legend eggs are just the beginning of unlockable goodies you'll have access to.

So what can I get with each Pass?

So glad you asked. Below, you'll find everything you can earn on the Galaxies Pass and Galaxies Pass+, indicated by color. Remember! If you have the Galaxies Pass+, you'll have access to everything on the Galaxies Pass path as well:

Level XP Progression Content Type Track
0 0 Exclusive Little Legend Galaxies Pass+
1 100 Emote Galaxies Pass
2 200 Boom Galaxies Pass+
3 300 Arena Skin Galaxies Pass
4 700 Little Legend Egg Galaxies Pass+
5 1100 Boom Galaxies Pass+
6 1500 Emote Galaxies Pass
7 2000 Boom Galaxies Pass+
8 2500 Exclusive Little Legend Galaxies Pass+
9 3000 Emote Galaxies Pass
10 3500 Boom Galaxies Pass+
11 4000 Boom Galaxies Pass+
12 4500 Emote Galaxies Pass
13 5000 Little Legend Egg Galaxies Pass+
14 5500 Boom Galaxies Pass+
15 6000 Emote Galaxies Pass
16 6500 Boom Galaxies Pass+
17 7000 Boom Galaxies Pass+
18 7500 Emote Galaxies Pass
19 8000 Little Legend Egg Galaxies Pass+
20 8500 Boom Galaxies Pass+
21 9000 Arena Skin Galaxies Pass
22 9500 Little Legend Egg Galaxies Pass+
23 10000 Boom Galaxies Pass+
24 10500 Arena Skin Galaxies Pass+
25 11000 Little Legend Egg Galaxies Pass
26 11500 Boom Galaxies Pass+
27 12000 Boom Galaxies Pass+
28 12500 Exclusive Little Legend Galaxies Pass+
29 14000 Little Legend Egg Galaxies Pass


This is technically where the Battle Pass ends, and you'll see Pass Completed (congratulations). However, if you're on the Galaxies Pass+ track, you'll have a few more rewards to earn if you're feeling ambitious!


30 16500 Cosmic Companions Little Legend Egg Galaxies Pass+
31 19000 Cosmic Companions Little Legend Egg Galaxies Pass+
32 22000 Series 1-5 Legendary Little Legend Egg Galaxies Pass+


Can I upgrade my Pass after progressing?

Yes! Not only can you upgrade at any time, but you'll earn everything from previously passed levels. That means if you decide to switch to the Galaxies Pass+ at level 3, you'll earn the Exclusive Little Legend and a brand new Boom. 

I can't see my rewards!

If you're playing on a Mobile device, it may take a moment for your earned rewards to appear. You can always log onto TFT PC to ensure that you received your earned content. If you're on PC, or it has been an extended period of time on Mobile, and you still can't see your rewards, please Submit a Ticket below.

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