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Global Refund Policy Update

This article has been updated to reflect our Global Refund Policy, which went into effect on May 30th, 2021. Click here to learn more!

There could be a lot of reasons you'd need to refund content. You may have purchased it on accident or decided that your loyalty lies with an Avarosan Arena Skin rather than the Winter's Claw. Whatever the reason, we wanted to clarify what can and can't be refunded, as well as note the differences between TFT on Mobile and on PC when it comes to refunding content. 

What You Can and Can't Refund

Unless any applicable laws require otherwise, refunds are only available for content that meets these three conditions:

1) The content is unused

2) The refund was requested within 14 days of purchase

3) The content is on the list of refundable content below

Refundable and Non-Refundable Content



  • Arena Skins
  • Emotes
  • Little Legends
  • Account transfers
  • Booms!
  • Boosts
  • Bundles
  • Event Passes
  • Gifts (sent or received)
  • Hextech inventory (such as keys, chests, and shards)
  • Little Legend Eggs
  • Promotional items

Refund Tokens

Refund tokens are an additional way to request a refund on eligible League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics content, and have their own specific set of rules.


You don't need a refund token if you're requesting a refund on eligible unused content within 14 days of purchase.

Refund Token Rules

  • Each League account comes with three refund tokens.
  • Refund tokens may be used to receive a refund on:
    • Eligible unused content 14–90 days of purchase
    • Eligible used content within 90 days of purchase
  • Refunds will be for the same amount and currency you used to make the initial purchase. For example, if you buy a champion on sale for RP, you'll get the sale price refunded in RP even if it's not on sale anymore.
  • You can have a max of three refund tokens at one time. You'll regain one refund token each year if you have less than three.
  • Once you use a refund token, it's gone. There are no refund tokens for refund tokens.

What constitutes "used content?"

We consider content to be used if you've, well...used it in a game! This includes custom games as well. For TFT, this could mean selecting an Arena Skin and playing the game or using a particular emote.

PC Refunds

Refunds for content purchased on PC can only be refunded on PC, and follow the same guidelines as League of Legends (including the use of the refund tokens mentioned above).

If you're refunding something that counts as unused content, you won't see a warning that you're using one of your refund tokens.

Mobile Refunds

Some special rules apply if you made your purchase on a third-party marketplace. Unfortunately, the nature of third-party marketplaces means we can’t issue that refund ourselves. But there’s still hope! Those marketplaces may offer cash refunds for purchases made on their platform under certain conditions. In fact, many have guides on how to apply for cash refunds for in-app purchases.

Check out Apple's handy guide on how to request a refund from the App Store.
If you have an Android device, you can learn about refunds on Google Play purchases.

Please understand that should Apple, Google, or any other third-party marketplace deny your refund, there's nothing more we can do.

For more information, including info on real money refunds for RP, check out our full refund policy.

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