Device-Based Accounts, Riot Accounts, and Player Support (Oh My!)

You may be familiar with Device-Based Accounts. They're the ones designated by your device's respective application center. Whether it's the Game Center on Apple or Google Play on Android, these accounts do some neat things, like tracking the games you download and play on the app store. However, when it comes to games like TFT Mobile or LoR Mobile, we do encourage our players to log in with their Riot Accounts rather than Device-Based Accounts. We can hear you asking "But Rito, why?" which means it's time for a closer look at what it means to have a Riot Account.


You can't play Legends of Runeterra or Teamfight Tactics on PC using a Device-Based Account. You'll need to upgrade to a Riot Account to play on your computer.

Since putting the "s" in Riot Games, we are branching out more than ever into all the spheres of gaming, which includes mobile! It's a bit like going from a solo sport to a team one, since now we are working with device developers who are in turn working with network providers, and more. We only have access to Riot Accounts, and thus can only provide player support for Riot Accounts. I bet you can see where we're going with this. 

When it comes to the safety of your account, we can only see things like recovery and information through a Riot Account. If you were to play on a Device-Based Account and something went awry, we would no longer have access to much of the vital information that would normally be tied to a Riot Account as that information would be instead be tied to your Google Play Account or Apple ID. If you log in with a Device-Based Account, please keep in mind that your provider will have access relevant account information.

This is especially important when it comes time to upgrade your device. We want to make sure you can play no matter the device or system, so we do encourage you to either use or upgrade to a Riot Account before getting in-game.

Click to learn more about upgrading to a Riot Account in Legends of Runeterra here.

Please Note

If you have played on both your Device-Based Account and your Riot Account, you will not be able to upgrade your Device-Based Account into the Riot Account you already have. Your Device-Based Account would become a new Riot Account, and any progress made on one wouldn't carry over to the other. We recommend that if you already have a Riot Account that you use it before making any progress on your Device-Based Account.

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