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If you've been playing TFT, you're already familiar with Little Legends. Cute, affectionate, and way too eager to destroy your enemies, these tenacious Tacticians hatch from special eggs that reveal Little Legends of varying rarity.

Little Legend Eggs often come in Series, each which has the potential to give you one of six different variants of the the three Little Legends contained within the Egg. That means there are 18 different Little Legends possible in any given Egg!

Of course, that doesn't mean that every Little Legend comes in a series, of course. There are some special Legends that can only be acquired as End of Season rewards or along the current set's Pass. We're talking Rise of the Element's Victorious Furyhorn or TFT: Fates' Jade Emperor Sprite. Keep your eyes open for these special companions, wherever they hatch.

The Little Legends Tacticians menu in the League of Legends client.

So how do Series work?

Duplicates Star Up:

If you get a duplicate of a Little Legend variant, it'll cause your LL to star up by one level! Almost every variant has three stars. Once you have all three stars of a variant, they won't hatch out of an Egg anymore.

Star Shards

Is there a special Little Legend that you just need at a three star immediately? We've gotchu. Enter Star Shards. We go in depth about this new cosmic currency over in the Star Shards FAQ, but the tl;dr is that if you're itching to level up with precision, now you can.

The Honeybuzz Choncc Little Legend Tactician’s profile in the League of Legends Client, showing players they need Star Shards to bring it to 3-Star level.

New Content with Each Egg:

Every Egg you hatch will give you a variant you don't already own, or star up a Little Legend you already have!

Double Drops:

Sometimes, when you receive a Legendary Little Legend, two Little Legends can hatch from the Egg! Feeling lucky? See how the drop rates function mathematically in the Loot Tables below.

Have all variants in a Series at 3 Stars?

You get a Rare Egg! That's right! If you continue to get Eggs in a Series where you own all the variants possible, it'll output a permanent Little Legend that can be forged into a Rare Egg. These will output a random variant from any Series. Don't worry if you have all the variants from all the Eggs. There are always more Little Legends on the way!

Series Egg

Rarity Drop Rate Double Drop Rate
Legendary 5% Drop Rate 30% Chance for Double Drop
Epic 20% Drop Rate N/A
Rare 75% Drop Rate N/A

* When a Little Legend reaches 3 Stars, it's removed from the table, distributing its probability equally across all Little Legends.

Rare Egg

Rarity Drop Rate Double Drop Rate Series Included
Legendary 5% Drop Rate N/A *All Legendary variants from Series Rare Eggs
Epic 20% Drop Rate N/A *All Epic variants from Series Rare Eggs
Rare 75% Drop Rate N/A *All Rare variants from Series Rare Eggs

* When a Little Legend reaches 3 Stars, it's removed from the table, distributing its probability equally across all Little Legends.

Rotating Little Legends Store

If your a big fan of a particular Little Legend (such as me and my undying love for grumpy Furyhorns), you may want to try for all the variants without other Little Legends crowding the Loot. Enter the Rotating Little Legends Store. Some Little Legend Eggs will be available for direct purchase, meaning you'll get just a variant of the Little Legend in question (and usually an icon to boot!) Just remember that these Little Legend Eggs can only be directly purchased once.

Remember, if you already own all variants of that Little Legend, you will be given a Rare Egg, which will drop any Little Legend Variant that you don't already own.

Little Legend Tactician QiQi in the Little Legends Store for purchase.

Little Legends Eggs that are direct purchase cost:

  • 750 RP/TC for a Rare Little Legend
  • 925 RP/TC for an Epic Little Legend

TFT Mobile Store

Now, you may notice the Store looks a little different on your mobile device, but worry not! Little Legends are happy to live in your phone and your PC equally. This is because while the interface may be pocket-sized, the game is still the same. Your loot can be accessed on both PC and mobile. Just remember that you'll be purchasing your loot with TC rather than with RP. 

The TFT Mobile Store on iOS.

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