TFT: Galaxies Stage II - Return to the Stars

Space cadets, fighting in the cosmos! Get ready to look at those champions go. It’s gonna be a wild show, so take one last look at Stage I of TFT: Galaxies. That’s right, my space-faring friends! The mid-season means we are ready to take you on another galactic adventure into Stage II - Return to the Stars. Want to hear the thoughts behind the OG galactic takeover? Don't miss the /dev post over here!

Return to the Stars lands makes its stellar landing in TFT on June 10th, 2020 at 11:00 AM (PT), and will be around to shake up the cosmos until September 14th, 2020 at 11:00 AM (PT). The start of a new set means the beginning of a new season, and with it comes all the Little Legends, Arena Skins, and Battle Pass shenanigans your star-crossed heart could want. Get ready to blast off head first, because it's time to head into the deep space of Galaxies 2020.


A Whole New Galaxies Pass… Again?!

That’s right! Stage II launches with its own new pass. This means that the progress will not carry over from Stage I. Now I know what you’re thinking. What could be better than exploring the mysteries of the universe? Getting rewarded for it, of course! There's so much changing we had to make a whole other article for it! Take a peek at the TFT: Galaxies II Pass FAQ.

The Galaxies Mechanic

You didn't think the name was just for show did you? When we say Galaxies, we mean it. Plural. Putting the "s" right there in the cosmos. As you play, you may notice the carousel looks a little different. Whether it's a realm full of Neeko's Help or some planet-sized Little Legends, the universe is in a constant state of flux. Want to know what star systems you could encounter? Keep a careful watch on the Patch Notes.

Origins and Classes

Origins and Classes represent all the wonder (and chaos) the universe has to offer, and Galaxies Stage II is bursting at the constellations with various strategies for a star-studded comp. Void and Valkyrie are leaving (to return to the depths of space, no doubt), but don't worry. New Origins, like Astro and Battlecast, are crash-landing into the meta.

From Major and Minor Origins and three distinct Classes, to some champs in a galaxy all their own, we've made a quick and easy reference guide if you're ever at a loss when planning your team compositions.

Major Origins

Major origin icon featuring two upward facing arrows.

Major Bonuses

After dealing or taking damage 10 times, Battlecast units deal magic damage to the nearest enemy. If they're below half health, they heal instead! That means 60 (2) / 125 (4) / 250 (6) heals or damage, depending.


All allies heal for 15% (2) / 40% (4) / 99% (6) of the damage they deal. Note that it's only possible to get 6 Celestials with the Celestial Orb.


All allies gain 15% Attack Speed every 8 (2) / 3.5 (4) / 1.5 (6) / 0.75 (8) seconds.

Cybernetic Cybernetic champs with an item gain 40 Attack Damage and 350 Health (3) / 80 Attack Damage and 600 Health (6).
Dark Star When an ally dies, Dark Star units gain 8 (2) / 16 (4) / 24 (6) / 32 (8) Attack Damage & Ability Power.

At the start of combat, Rebels gain a 150 (3) / 210 (6) / 330 (9) health shield for 8 seconds and 10% (3) / 12% (6) / 15% (9) increased damage for each adjacent Rebel.

Star Guardian Whenever a Star Guardian casts a spell, they distribute 25 (3) / 40 (6) / 55 (9) mana among all other Star Guardians.


Minor Origins

Minor origin icon featuring two downward facing arrows.

Minor  Bonuses
Mech Pilot* At the start of combat, three random Mech Pilots are merged into a Super-Mech until it dies (3).
Space Pirate

Space Pirates have a 50% chance to drop 1G (2), and 25% chance to drop an item (4), whenever a Space Pirate lands a killing blow.

Astro Astro units' abilities cost 30 less mana to cast (3).


Offensive Class

Offensive origin icon featuring a sword.

Offensive Bonuses

There's a 30% (3) / 70% (6) / 100% (9) chance for Blademasters to attack two extra times.


Every fourth Blaster attack fires 3 (2) / 5 (4) additional attacks.


Infiltrators gain 40% (2) / 70% (4) / 120% (6) Attack Speed for the first 8 seconds of combat. This is refreshed if they land a takedown.


Snipers deal 10% (2) / 18% (4) increased damage for each hex of distance between themselves and their target.


All allies gain 20% (2) / 45% (4) / 75% (6) increased Spell Power.


Defensive Class

Defensive origin icon featuring a shield.

Defensive Bonuses

Brawlers gain 350 (2) / 600 (4) Health.


Mystics provide 50 (2) / 125 (4) Magic Resistance for your team.


Protectors gain a shield for 30% (2) / 40% (4) / 55% (6) of their max health for 4 seconds whenever they cast.


Vanguards gain 125 (2) / 300 (4) / 1000 (6) Armor.


Utility Class

Utility origin icon featuring a medical cross.

Utility Bonuses

Demolitionist spells stun targets they hit for 1.5 seconds (2).

Mana Reaver

Mana Reaver’s attacks increase the cost of their targets next spell by 40% (2).


Mercenaries can be paid gold to upgrade their ability (1).


Mech Pilots*

Giant. Robots. What more is there to say?! Well, a lot, actually! Mech Pilots bring a whole new mechanic to TFT. When you have 3 of Mech Pilots in play, they're bonus allows them to fuse into one super robot, combining the Health, Attack Damage, and bonus Spell Power of all its pilots. Other factors, like Attack Speed and Magic Resistance, copy the highest stat from whichever champion excels in that area. This mecha marvel even has its own special ability (besides being a big ol' robot of course).


This unique Utility Class is out for one thing: cold, hard coins. Even in space money talks, and yours can say some pretty game-changing things to Gangplank. So long as you have a Mercenary on the Bench, your shop has a 10% chance of the 5th slot holding an upgrade for your Mercenary! Once you've shelled out the gold needed to purchase the upgrade for a given Merc, all future copies of that champion will also be upgraded. Let's face it! Some extra firepower? Totally worth the gold.

Starship and Paragon: A Class All Their Own

Splash art of Janna in Star Guardian skin. Teamfight Tactics TFT support.

Okay, so sometimes a champion is in a class all their own, and Aurelion Sol and Janna just so happen to be those champs.

Aurelion Sol is a first-class Starship (as well as being a bit of a Rebel). This stardust crusader doesn't join the fray, but rather he flies around the battlefield launching smaller fighters at his enemies so long as he remains in play. What'd you expect from the Star Forger himself, am I right?

The Storm’s Fury is a Star Guardian, sure, but Janna is also a Paragon. Always one to lift someone up rather than tear them down, a Paragon converts all the basic attacks of her allies into magic damage. If that wasn't enough, if those allies happen to be Star Guardians, their basic attacks deal true damage instead!

Little Legends

You didn't think we'd miss out on introducing you to some new space-age companions, did you? Three new Little Legends are taking the stellar spotlight. You can purchase a Immortal Creatures Egg for 490 RP, or select a bundle with your favorite Immortal Creature and an Icon for 750 RP. Remember, you can bundle up as well (5 Immortal Creatures Eggs for 2450 RP or get 10 for 4900 RP and you'll get an extra Egg for free). 

Bellswayer Nixie Lightcharger
Blood Moon Bellswayer Neexie Arcade Lightcharger
Image of tier 3 classic Bellswayer Little Legend Tactician. Image of tier 3 classic Nixie Little Legend Tactician. Image of tier 3 classic Lightcharger Little Legend Tactician.
Thunderstorm Bellswayer Rosebloom Nixie Crystal Lightcharger
Sugar Rush Bellswayer Mermaid Nixie Sugarcone Lightcharger
Yuletide Bellswayer Vampire Nixie High Noon Lightcharger
Black Mist Bellswayer Extra Spicy Nixie Black Mist Lightcharger

Booms & Arena Skins

Screenshot of the Dreadnova arena.

When you're journeying into the cosmic unknown, you might as well do so in style. Little Legends have been an integral part of TFT from the beginning, but if you've ever wanted to customize the damage they deal, Booms have got your back. There's also a whole new set of Arena Skins to set the stage for your galactic smackdown. Booms are currently only available through the Galaxies Pass, along with some special skins, but you can also purchase unique Galaxies Skins in the store for 1380 RP each.


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