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Return to the Stars has passed, and the Little Legends have stumbled upon a new realm, a set named Fates. Although its mystical potential is great, there's still a lot to learn before you're ready to jump in. But I believe Fates could save the world...or at least the meta! Starting on September 16th, 2020 at 11:00 AM (PT), Fates will summon forth a brand new pass! You can't cross over unprepared, so be sure to check our main Fates FAQ here.

So what's changing?

Riot Games TFT Teamfight Tactics Support – The Fates Pass floats in front of green mountains covered in pink trees.

Ranked Reset

Take a deep breath and channel a spirit of fortitude, because ranks will undergo a reset with the end of Galaxies. As new champions come and go, a new meta is established, and we want to give everyone a chance to adapt to all these changes. Most players will have a full rank reset down to Iron II to herald a brand new set. There are, however, a couple exceptions. Diamond I will reset to Iron I, and Master or beyond will reset to Bronze IV. You can learn all about the End of Season in more detail (and check out some rewards) here.

New Hub

The Fates Pass page in the League of Legends Client.

Gaze upon your new kingdom, er, hub! Here you can peer into the future to see what missions await in the top right-hand corner, and both the Fates Pass and the Fates Pass+ road are nice and visible. You'll see how close you are to the next level right above the Pass itself.

Two Ways to Fates Pass

The world is as vast as the wonders within it, and so too are the ways you can play TFT! Fates is bringing back both a free and paid version of the Fates Pass.

Fates Pass

As you play, you'll gain experience which unlocks cool stuff! Since there are two passes, everything within the Fates Pass will be marked as free. This includes things like icons and emotes, but also Little Legend eggs.

Fates Pass+

The Fates Pass+ can be purchased for 1295 RP on PC, while the cost on your mobile device will be adjusted by region. Boards, booms, and Little Legend eggs are just the beginning of unlockable goodies you'll have access to.

So what can I get with each Pass?

The Lucky Fuwa Little Legends Tactician in TFT. The Jade Emperor Sprite Little Legends Tactician in TFT.

So glad you asked. Below, you'll find everything you can earn on the Fates Pass and Fates Pass+, indicated by color. Remember! If you have the Fates Pass+, you'll have access to everything on the free Fates Pass path as well:






1 Jade Emperor Sprite 0 0 Fates+
2 Hushtail Emote 100 100 Fates
3 Curtain Call 1 100 200 Fates+
4 30 Star Shards 100 300 Fates+
5 Heroic Hatchling Egg 100 400 Fates+
6 Kanmei Burst 1 100 500 Fates+
7 Random Emote 300 800 Fates
8 30 Star Shards 300 1100 Fates+
9 Curtain Call 2 300 1400 Fates+
10 30 Star Shards 300 1700 Fates+
11 Lucky Fuwa 1 300 2000 Fates+
12 Series 1-6 Egg 500 2500 Fates
13 Curtain Call 3 500 3000 Fates+
14 30 Star Shards 500 3500 Fates+
15 Kanmei Burst 2 500 4000 Fates+
16 Random Emote 500 4500 Fates
17 30 Star Shards 500 5000 Fates+
18 Shadow Scrawl 1 500 5500 Fates+
19 30 Star Shards 500 6000 Fates+
20 Journeys Outset Arena 500 6500 Fates+
21 Melisma Emote 500 7000 Fates
22 Kanmei Burst 3 500 7500 Fates+
23 Heroic Hatchling Egg 500 8000 Fates+
24 30 Star Shards 500 8500 Fates+
25 Shadow Scrawl 2 500 9000 Fates+
26 Series 1-6 Egg 500 9500 Fates
27 30 Star Shards 500 10000 Fates+
28 Tidal Leaves 1 500 10500 Fates+
29 30 Star Shards 500 11000 Fates+
30 Journeys Path Arena 500 11500 Fates+
31 Random Emote 500 12000 Fates
32 Tidal Leaves 2 500 12500 Fates+
33 30 Star Shards 500 13000 Fates+
34 Shadow Scrawl 3 500 13500 Fates+
35 Heroic Hatchling Egg 500 14000 Fates+
36 Series 1-6 Egg 500 14500 Fates
37 30 Star Shards 500 15000 Fates+
38 Tidal Leaves 3 500 15500 Fates+
39 30 Star Shards 500 16000 Fates+
40 Lucky Fuwa 2 1000 17000 Fates+
41 Journeys Destination Arena 1000 18000 Fates
42 Pengu Attack Emote 1500 19500 Fates
43 Series 1-6 Egg 2000 21500 Fates+
44 Heroic Hatchling Egg 2500 24000 Fates+
45 Legendary LL Egg 2500 26500 Fates+


Can I upgrade my Pass after progressing?

Yes! Not only can you upgrade at any time, but you'll earn everything from previously passed levels. That means if you decide to switch to the Fates+ Pass at level 3, you'll earn the Exclusive Little Legend and a brand new emote.

I can't see my rewards!

If you're playing on a Mobile device, it may take a moment for your earned rewards to appear. You can always log onto TFT PC to ensure that you received your earned content. If you're on PC, or it has been an extended period of time on Mobile, and you still can't see your rewards, please /submit a ticket at the bottom of this page.

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