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There’s something magical about cracking open a Little Legend egg to see what creature waits inside. Sometimes, however, you just need a method beyond luck to get that final 3-star friend (we’re looking at you, Void-marked Furyhorn). Enter Star Shards. Star Shards make their debut alongside TFT: Fates on September 16th, 2020, and while we’re about to dive deep into this new currency, don’t forget to check out all that TFT: Fates has to offer here, as well as straight from the /devs.

Riot Games TFT Teamfight Tactics Support - The Star Shard currency from TFT.

So what are Star Shards, anyway?

Star Shards are a new kind of currency that allow you to level up your Little Legends! While eggs will remain the best way to broaden your horizons (by which we mean expand your collection), Star Shards are for that special someone that you want at a 3-star without the wait.

Well, how do I get me some Star Shards?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Two ways, in fact! You can get your hands on some Star Shards by purchasing them in the store for in bundles, or by earning up to 360 Star Shards through the Fates+ pass, which you can learn more about here.

How do I use my Star Shards?

Your loadout is gonna be your one stop shop for upgrading. Just select the Little Legend you’re looking to level up and click away. Remember, you can’t upgrade a Little Legend you don’t own, so you’ll need at least the 1-star version before the upgrading can commence.

How many Star Shards does it cost to upgrade a Little Legend?

The number of Star Shards it takes to upgrade a Little Legend depends on both the type and rarity of the LL in question. Rare Little Legends, as well as Pass+ Legends like the Star Guardian Silverwing, cost 100 Star Shards to upgrade to both a 2 and 3-star version. Epic Little Legends require 125 Star Shards, and the Legendary Little Legends will run you 150 Star Shards.

A formual showing how Star Shards can be used to level up Little Legend Tacticians to 2- and 3-star versions.


Any used Star Shards are non-refundable, so upgrade with care.

Are there any Little Legends I can’t upgrade with Star Shards?

Some Little Legends are immune to the evolutionary power of Star Shards. Victorious Little Legends are already at peak awesomeness, so they cannot be upgraded. You’ll also find some of the special Pass Little Legends, like the set-specific Sprites, are content as they are (and thus also cannot be upgraded).

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