Pass-Exclusive Little Legend Update

T2 Star Guardian Silverwing   T3 Astronaut Molediver  T3 Lucky Fuwa

If you've ever embarked on a pass-fueled journey during one of the TFT sets, you may already be familiar with pass-exclusive Little Legends. Well, starting with patch 10.21, Teamfight Tactics pass-exclusive Little Legends (like the Star Guardian Silverwing, Astronaut Molediver, and Lucky Fuwa seen above) will be upgraded to Legendary status in terms of rarity. This means that these Little Legends will require 150 Star Shards to upgrade rather than their current 100.

Please Note

Pass-exclusive Sprites, such as the UFO or Jade Emperor Sprites, do not level up.

When we launched Star Shards a few weeks ago, we priced Rare Little Legend upgrades at 100 Star Shards and Legendary upgrades at 150 Star Shards. We also classified Little Legends included in the Fates Pass as Rare. However, when we launched the pass, we promised that pass-exclusive Little Legends would be Legendary, as they require both your time and money to earn. We plan to make good on that promise, as well as maintain consistent upgrade prices at the various levels of rarity for Little Legends.

These changes will take effect when patch 10.21 launches, so if you would like to upgrade your Little Legends for the lower price, you still have around a week to do so. If you paid 150 Star Shards for an upgrade before this final change, you will be refunded 50 Star Shards.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to make changes, and we'll see you on the Convergence.

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