Teamfight Tactics - Gifts of the Golden Lantern 2022

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The Year of the Tiger is upon us, and Tacticians from across the Convergence are gathering in Piltover for the first ever Lunar Legend Festival! Join Duckbill, Protector, Chibi Jinx, and other favorite Tacticians for the latest Teamfight Tactics event: Gifts of the Golden Lantern!


Start - January 20th, 2022 / 11:00 PST

End - February 15th, 2022 / 23:59 PST* 

*Dates and times are subject to change. Always check the in-game schedule for the most accurate information.

Lunar New Year Hub

During the event, the TFT tab of the launcher will become a window to the streets of Piltover! Experience the sights and sounds of the City of Progress as you explore the festival, talk to Tacticians, and collect missions.

Art of Firecracker Duckbill Little Legend Tactician.

Please note: the Lunar New Year Hub is not available on mobile

Mobile users can still participate in the event, but missions will appear in the dropdown and rewards will be distributed automatically.



Missions are split into three phases. Each phase must be completed before you can move on to the next one, but you can progress all missions in the current phase simultaneously. Unlike standard missions, you’ll need to claim the rewards from each individual mission for it to count as completed.*

*Missions are completed automatically for mobile players.

Phase 1

You can see the town square being set up, but you can’t go in just yet.
Complete this introductory quest for Duckbill to get your hands on an invitation!

   Mission Name Objective Reward
       Invitation Play a match of Teamfight Tactics

Like My Stripes? Emote

Image of the Like my Stripes? Emote.

Phase 2

There’s a lot to prepare for the Lunar Legend Festival, and the Tacticians around town need your help! Complete these quests to kick off the celebration.

   Mission Name Objective Reward
   A Briny Bargain Feed Tahm Kench a 2-star+ unit in exchange for the perfect fish to give Lunar Beast Choncc. 15 Star Shards
   Trash to Treasure Collect parts for Firecracker Duckbill’s helicopter by upgrading 30 components using the Scrap trait. 15 Star Shards
   Shopping Spree Buy Porcelain Dowsie the perfect festival decorations by rerolling the shop 30 times. 15 Star Shards
   A Prestigious Prize Win a trophy for Year of the Tiger Protector by earning recognition. The higher you place the more recognition you get! 15 Star Shards
   The Biggest of Booms Find Firecracker Chibi Jinx the biggest firework by getting Jinx to cast her spell. 15 Star Shards
   Signature of the Star Get Lucky Noodle Dowsie an autograph by putting a 3-star champion in a Socialite Spotlight. 15 Star Shards
   The Best Bauble Find Lucky Lantern Dango the shiniest trinket by collecting 40 loot orbs. 15 Star Shards

Phase 3

The festival is underway! Talk to your new Tactician friends to solve riddles and discover what gifts they want for the Lunar New Year, then complete in-game objectives to collect them. When you give a Tactician their gift, they’ll give one right back!

These mission objectives are a secret, so there’s no way we’re going to spoil them here. Guess you’ll have to enter the Lunar New Year hub and solve the riddles for yourself!*

(Pssst! If you get stuck, try talking to the Tactician again.)

*Phase 3 missions appear in the mission dropdown for mobile players.

Lunar New Year Shop

This year we’re pulling out all the stops to offer over a dozen new Lunar New Year Tacticians, and the crown jewel is Teamfight Tactics’ newest Mythic Little Legend: Year of the Tiger Protector! You can also pick up a beautiful new arena when you purchase the Lunar Legend Festival Megabundle.

What was that? You want even more Lunar New Year content? Well you’re in luck, because we’re also bringing back the content from 2021’s Festival of Beasts product line.

Read on for a full list of what you can purchase during the event!


You didn’t think Dowsie and Dango were going to show up in their everyday duds, did you? Of course not! The full guest list can be found below, and you can check out our Lunar Legend Festival Tacticians and More article for more info on this year’s Tacticians.

As usual, only Little Legends can hatch from eggs (and that includes Year of the Tiger Protector). Firecrackers, on the other hand, will either drop a standard Little Legend or a Chibi Firecracker Jinx!

New Tacticians & Eggs

       Porcelain Dango 925 RP/TC
       Lucky Lantern Dango 925 RP/TC
       Firecracker Dango 925 RP/TC
       Lion Dancer Dango 925 RP/TC
       Fiercest Dango 925 RP/TC
       Most Festive Duckbill 925 RP/TC
       Jade Dragon Duckbill 925 RP/TC
       Lunar Scholar Duckbill 925 RP/TC
       Firecracker Duckbill 925 RP/TC
       Mischief Maker Duckbill 925 RP/TC
       Porcelain Dowsie 925 RP/TC
       Fortune Dowsie 925 RP/TC
       Lucky Noodle Dowsie 925 RP/TC
       Extra Spicy Dowsie 925 RP/TC
       Sweet Petal Dowsie
925 RP/TC
       1 Year of the Tiger Egg
       (May contain Year of the Tiger Protector)
390 RP/TC
       1 Festival Firecracker
       (May contain Chibi Firecracker Jinx)
490 RP/TC

Returning Tacticians & Eggs

       Lunar Beast Choncc 925 RP/TC
       Lunar Revel Choncc 925 RP/TC
       Lunar Beast Furyhorn 925 RP/TC
       Lunar Revel Furyhorn 925 RP/TC
       Lunar Beast Shisa 925 RP/TC
       Lunar Revel Shisa 925 RP/TC
       Festival of Beasts 2021 Egg 490 RP/TC


Screenshot of the Golden Tiger Market arena.

See the  Piltover skyline, from the Piltover skyline with the Golden Tiger Market arena (available exclusively as part of the Lunar Legend Festival Megabundle). Nowhere in the city offers a better view of Jinx’s firework display!

New Arena

       Golden Tiger Market Bundle-exclusive

Returning Arenas

       Club 2 Arena 1,900 RP/TC
       Lunar City Arena 1,380 RP/TC


Whether you want to buy your eggs in bulk or order a big ol’ box with a little of everything, we’ve got you covered.
Check out our Lunar Legend Festival Bundle Info article to see what you can expect to find in this year’s new Bundles.

New Bundles

       5 Year of the Tiger Eggs 1,950 RP/TC
       5 Festival Firecrackers 2,450 RP/TC
       10 + 1 Year of the Tiger Eggs 3,900 RP/TC
       Lunar Legend Firecracker Bundle 6,860 RP/TC
       Year of the Tiger Egg Bundle 9,750 RP/TC
       Lunar Legend Festival 2022 Megabundle 12,740 RP/TC

Returning Bundles

       Festival of Beasts 2021 Shisa Bundle 4,350 RP/TC
       Festival of Beasts 2021 Furyhorn Bundle 4,350 RP/TC
       Festival of Beasts 2021 Choncc Bundle 4,350 RP/TC
       5 Festival of Beasts 2021 Eggs 2,450 RP/TC
       10 + 1 Festival of Beasts 2021 Eggs 4,900 RP/TC


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