SEA TFTm Launch Boba Sprite Reward

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Mobile has finally arrived in SEA, and we're celebrating by giving out a bunch of rewards to SEA TFTm players—including the Boba Sprite little legend.

How do I get the mobile pre-registration rewards?

  1. Play TFTm in SEA during the first week of release (November, 21 3:00 PT—November, 28 3:00 PT)
  2. Wait until gifts are ready to claim in December.
  3. Claim your gifts at the pre-registration website.

Please note that gifts will not be delivered to your account until you claim them at the pre-registration website

Just be sure not to wait too long. The site will stay up for some time after TFTm SEA goes live, but not forever.

What if I purchased the Boba Bundle before the Boba Sprite pre-registration giveaway?

Those who already have the Boba Bundle will be refunded the 550 RP difference, but please note that refunds may take until mid-January to properly show in your account. Thank you for your patience as we get everybody taken care of.

Can I pick up the Boba Bundle for a reduced price after getting the pre-registration gift Boba Sprite?

Yep! The Boba Bundle will be available for the reduced price of 750 RP if you already have the Boba Sprite from the pre-registration giveaway.

Can I just return the Boba bundle instead?

Bundles are non-refundable.

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